Leap year 2024: why does everyone think it’s bad and how can we get through the year without losses?

It’s December 1st on the calendar, which means it’s time to start counting down to the new year. And while some fans of esotericism are searching on Google for how to appease the Green Wood Dragon (this period is devoted to him according to the eastern calendar), others are trying in a panic to protect themselves in this leap year. In 2024, those born on February 29 will celebrate their birthdays. And since this only happens once every four years, we recommend that you don’t spoil the moment and stop talking about next year.

But jokes aside, leap years are actually approached with special care. For some reason, this is exactly what was accepted many years ago, but as you understand, this theory has no evidence base. It is believed that in such years, great troubles and misfortunes occur in the life of every person that can lead him astray.

We tell you what the year 2024 will be like and whether you really need to be afraid of a date anymore.

What is a leap year?

A leap year is a year in which there is an additional day – February 29. This happens every four years because, in fact, the Earth completes a complete revolution around the Sun not in 365 days, but in 365 days, 5 hours and 46 seconds. Therefore, in a year, another 366th day appears on the calendar.

Why is a leap year considered bad?

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It all comes from Eastern culture, where the number four is compatible with “death”. And as you already understood, a leap year is always the fourth year in a row and therefore is considered dangerous and unpredictable. In addition, many believe that at this time the Universe requires the purification of karma. So, if in a past life a person did a lot of bad deeds, in a leap year he will have to pay for it with his luck.

However, in Russian culture, there is also a stereotype that this period of the leap year brings only trouble. But in this case all predictions relate only to the date “February 29”. For example, in ancient Russia, this day was considered the scariest day of the year due to the legend of Kasyan. By the way, it is he who will become the prototype of Viy, about whom Gogol will later write. So, according to legend, Kasyan was born in a leap year on the last day of winter – February 29. God sent Kasyan to hell for all he had done and allowed him to return to the world of the living every four years, on his birthday. So in Russia this day became the basis for stereotypes that some kind of disaster will occur during this period.

What not to do in a leap year

Get married and get married. It was believed that all alliances made during this period would be short-lived. Moreover, in most cases, it is not even a matter of a quick divorce or a quarrel, but more serious consequences – for example, a serious illness or death of one of the spouses. But we do not recommend focusing on this. Some consider Friday the 13th to be a bad day for weddings, but according to statistics, this date has become one of the most popular dates for weddings in recent years.

Plan a move. As you can imagine, it is not recommended to plan significant changes in life during this period. And we mean that moving is a serious matter. But if you believe the signs, nothing good will happen in your new life if you change your place of residence in a leap year.

Perform scheduled major surgeries. It is believed that it is better to do this if during this period you have planned a serious operation that can be rescheduled if necessary. Of course, in cases where the problem requires urgent surgical intervention, it is better not to delay.

How to attract good luck in a leap year?

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Less fighting. Be prepared for everything around you to seem like it’s against you. So situations where you can simply attack your family and friends are not at all excluded. We recommend that you do not dwell on your complaints, but say immediately and clearly what you disagree with. However, if you think the conflict cannot be prevented, try to act smarter and do not react.

Clear your karma. However, it is recommended that you do this before the beginning of any new year, not just a leap year. Think about everything that has happened to you in the past period and think about what you really want now. Analyze your actions and words and decide what you want to change. Remember to do as much good as possible. Still, no one has canceled the boomerang rule yet.

Get rid of negative attitudes. This is perhaps the most important rule in every leap year. Don’t get hung up on all the negative stereotypes about this period. In the end, everything will be the way you set yourself up. Remember that this year is no different from previous ones. But this is another year in your life where you can be better than you were before.

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