3 areas on the face and body that reveal a woman’s age

True age can be revealed not only by the shape of the face but also by less obvious parts of the body.

eye area

A frame from the movie “Age of Adaline”

Most of the time we look directly into a person’s eyes, so the area around them also comes into our field of vision. Since the skin in this area is very thin and sensitive in structure, the first signs of aging appear more quickly. You need to care for it carefully and carefully – for example, here you will find various creams specially designed for the eye area.

Neck and décolleté area

A frame from the movie “Death on the Nile”

One of the places that shows aging immediately is the neck. Firstly, the skin here is delicate and thin. Secondly, because the appearance of the neck is affected by the position of the spine during sleep, walking and sitting. Thirdly, we forget to take care of our facial skin as much as we take care of it.


A still from the movie “Chloe”

Yes, hands are another indicator of age. Frequent cooking, using household chemicals, creative work or gardening – all this affects the skin of your hands. But we don’t deal with it that regularly.

Remember these landmark areas and follow them as carefully as your facial skin.

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