20 weird habits of geniuses you didn’t know about

Each person has his own quirks that are not particularly surprising to anyone. But let’s talk about geniuses. These people think outside the box and perform strange rituals every day. Let’s talk about some habits of outstanding scientists and creators that you may not know about.

John Nash

Russell Crowe in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”

American mathematician John Nash, who became the prototype of Russell Crowe’s character in the movie A Beautiful Mind, suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, so he often behaved strangely. For example, the scientist wore a diaper and acted like a baby.

Nikola Tesla

Serbian physicist Nikola Tesla had many strange things going on. He was a germaphobe, so he was very clean, unlike many of his colleagues. He could change several towels in a day. Since the scientist loved the number 3 very much, he stayed in hotel rooms that were multiples of three. Tesla was a very shy person, but towards the end of his life he developed an obsession. He came to the cafe every morning to see the pigeon he loved with a platonic love. When he died, his depression worsened.

salvador dali

It is enough to look at Salvador Dali’s works to understand what an extravagant person he was in life. For example, the Spanish artist and author of The Persistence of Memory got himself an anteater and walked around central Paris with it.

oscar wilde

The author of The Picture of Dorian Gray and the dandy Oscar Wilde was famous not only for his witty aphorisms, but also for his eccentric antics. Thus, the author got himself a lobster, which he fed, trained and walked as a pet.

Erik Satie

French composer and creator of “furniture music” Erik Satie was very much – he ate only white foods: sugar, rice, salt, eggs, milk. He also loved collecting umbrellas, of which he had more than 100 pieces.

Lewis Carroll

It is believed that purple is the color of madmen. Even so, the author of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” wrote only in purple ink. By the way, she was not alone in this: her compatriot and writer Virginia Woolf also preferred just this color.

Honor de Balzac

Honore de Balzac, author of “Shagreen Skin”, was a true coffee lover. The writer did not sit down to work without drinking at least 5-7 glasses of invigorating drinks. It is thought that he drank approximately 50 thousand cups of coffee throughout his life.

Friedrich Schiller

Inspiration is an unpredictable thing. That’s why the German poet Friedrich Schiller kept rotten apples in the top drawer of his desk because their smell inspired him to be beautiful.

Carl Gustav Jung

The famous psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung observed a peculiar ritual before cooking: He first talked to the plates, then put food on them.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, the creator of the theory of relativity, wore shoes on his bare feet in his youth because he was afraid of socks with holes.

benjamin franklin

Since Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Father of the USA, loved cheese very much, he always had this product on his table. But even more surprising was the politician’s exhibitionism: he stood naked by the window, looking at passers-by.

Igor Stravinsky

The Russian composer, who made a name for himself all over the world with his music in the ballets “The Rite of Spring” and “The Firebird”, had a strange habit of standing on his head. Stravinsky believed that blood flowed to the brain in this way, stimulating creative abilities.

Andy Warhole

Andy Warhol, famous for his paintings Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn’s Diptych, believed that he would not have achieved success at such a young age if he had not deliberately aged his image. The pop art artist painted himself gray because he believed that everything he did would be perceived as innovation.

Alexander Suvorov

The outstanding Russian commander Alexander Suvorov began the morning with an unusual ritual: He doused himself with cold water and crowed loudly. By the way, the man liked to receive important people at home dressed: a bathrobe, slippers and a home hat.

Coco Chanel

Legendary style icon and designer Coco Chanel tried to make a strong impression from the first seconds, as she believed that “one is met by one’s clothes”. To do this, the founder of the fashion house walks the stairs every day Chanel No. She was wetting herself with her perfume.

Charles Dickens

Author Charles Dickens always carried a compass with him, which he needed to determine the direction of the world. The author of the book “David Copperfield” slept with his head turned only to the north, believing that creative energy comes from there.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was an outstanding computer scientist. British mathematician, II. He became famous for breaking the Nazi Enigma encryption machine during World War II, giving the Allies an advantage over their enemies. In ordinary life, the scientist was not devoid of oddities: he went to lectures in pajamas and loved to ride a bicycle with a gas mask.

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton, the English scientist who discovered the earth’s law of universal gravitation, was remarkably absent-minded in his daily life. For example, while preparing breakfast, he accidentally put the watch into the pan and looked at the egg. The physicist also dreamed of finding a formula for the elixir of life. Newton drank mercury and inhaled its vapor because he was convinced that this substance was beneficial to the body. Meanwhile, the scientist remained celibate all his life, believing that women would distract him from science.

Alexander Pushkin

Alexander Pushkin was an avid duelist. In his free time, the writer loved to go to the bathhouse, and not only with a gun. He liked to shoot at the walls for fun while performing ablution. Also, the classic of Russian literature loved to drink lemonade at night, believing that the drink made him more productive.

Winston Churchill

The British Prime Minister changed his bed linen every night because he had severe sweating problems.

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