New Moscow restaurants for the Autumn 2023 season: a selection of the best places

The fall of 2023 has been rich in the opening of new facilities that everyone is talking about this season. For example, the stylish Palace of Lucky Group, which opened in September, has become the most popular venue of the “Yard” among fans all summer, so it is impossible to sit there without prior reservation.

By the way, a similar picture can be seen in the new Paphos restaurant on Tverskoy Boulevard. Tables here are booked a week in advance. But on weekdays there are always seats at the main premiere of this autumn – Shalyapin lobby bar. However, do not forget that it is better to make sure to go there in advance on Friday evening.

True foodies shouldn’t fear new restaurants closing for good, so we’ve rounded up the best restaurant openings for fall 2023. We are telling you about the most stylish restaurants of the season that you should definitely visit.


William Lamberti’s new Historia project has become the restaurant most frequently found in my feed on the banned social network. But this is not surprising, because this is Moscow Disneyland for adults. But if you go to an amusement park for extreme sports, then it’s definitely worth going here for the experience. You choose which story the evening ends with. Here, you will be asked to independently choose the area you will be in, they will calculate a cocktail suitable for the Chinese Ba Zi system according to your date of birth, and then they will also give you the option of linen napkins. , which sets the tone for the evening.

The menu definitely combines everything you can happily eat with your hands, dip bread in sauce or just share among the whole family – break it and enjoy it with your loved ones. And there are no complicated dishes that might scare you.

Address: Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 58


Emin Agalarov’s new restaurant project with a funny name is located in the gastro-quarter “Three Stations” district. Warehouse.” It is a large space for 150 people during the day, and in the evenings it is a place filled with music, dances and cocktails from the city’s best DJs. Despite the focus on the evening program of the Pan-Asian restaurant, the gastronomy here is also at a high level. Chef Kirill Berger prepares Pan-Asian recipes and compiled a menu around seafood and added dishes that can be finished right in front of the guests. By the way, the cocktail menu, developed in collaboration with the team of the Nizhny Novgorod bar “Copper Pipes”, is particularly impressive. So grab your friends and go explore a new, trendy place.

Address: st. Novoryazanskaya 23 building 3


It seems like everyone has already heard of the new Greek restaurant “Paphos”. The new project of the Alba Group restaurant holding covers two floors of the former Saltykov Mansion and combines two Greek concepts under its roof. The first thing you see when you enter the restaurant is a bright brasserie with a staircase leading to the second floor. And right now you’re teleporting to either Santorini or Mykonos. Who loves more?

Gastronomic destinies here are determined by the food, not the gods. The menu focuses on original Greek cuisine. And some positions have an original sign above them to share, alluding to meals provided to the company. Drinking cocktails in Paphos is a special pleasure. They were created based on ancient Greek myths and correspond to the following elements: “Air”, “Earth”, “Fire”, “Water”.

Address: Tverskoy Boulevard 27с1


We do not recommend you to laugh at the name because Saray means “palace” in Turkish. So when you come here you immediately feel like you are at the east front door. The concept is based on the capital’s interpretation of Asador cuisine, where meals are prepared over an open fire. That’s why the menu here includes many vegetables, meat, fish and seafood cooked on coals, in the oven or in a tandoor.

The interior of the restaurant is also a paradise in terms of visuality. The team restored the room from scratch by cutting out floor-to-ceiling windows. There are now many wooden details, columns and hand-woven wicker lamps.

Address: Granatny lane, 19

Lobby bar “Chaliapin”

The opening of the Chaliapin lobby bar at the Metropol Hotel was perhaps the most important event for the restaurant industry this autumn. Now you can (and should) go next door for an after-dinner cocktail at Savva. Although you can order snacks and main courses from chef Andrei Shmakov at the bar.

The bar’s cocktail menu was created by head bartender Kirill Sencha in collaboration with El Copitas, one of the most award-winning bars in Europe, and it seems that not a single high-profile opening will take place without this menu.

The basis of the cocktail menu was formed by bright events from the life of Fyodor Chaliapin that affected his work and success, and they tried to reflect the emotions associated with the events through the taste of the drinks.

Address: Teatralny proezd, 2

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