10 signs of an unhappy person hiding behind the “mask of happiness”

Own house, car, high income, beautiful fashionable things, an organized personal life – the owner of all this can be called lucky. It would seem, what is there to doubt?

However, sometimes, despite all this, a person cannot feel happy, as if an obstacle prevents this.

Psychologist and mentor Lyubov Milyaeva told The Fashion Vibes why this condition cannot be ignored, attributing it to whim or fatigue, what can trigger it and how to remove the mask of a forced smile.

Lyubov Milyaeva, psychologist

Many people actually experience dissatisfaction with life, despite their external well-being. Its roots lie in the subconscious, or rather, it is fueled by feelings of guilt, perfectionism and negative attitudes:

– I don’t deserve to be happy;

— I am not allowed to “live my life” and express my true needs and desires;

— It is important for me to please others, not myself first.

In addition, people who pursue goals imposed by someone else, but want something completely different in their hearts, may also encounter a similar situation.

How can we tell who is truly unhappy?

A frame from the TV series “Desperate Housewives”

sign number 1: Dependency on the opinions of others.

sign number 2: Not feeling safe.

sign number 3: To move away and separate from people in order to be alone.

sign number 4: Dissatisfaction with oneself. Self-flagellation, self-attack, lack of faith in one’s strengths and abilities, successful outcome of the enterprise.

sign number 5: Reluctance to let go of the past and what is outdated.

sign number 6: Fear of living your life and taking risks. A person does not stand out, he is afraid to come forward and declare himself, his desires and needs.

sign number 7: Judging others. This is a defense mechanism.

sign number 8: Inability to enjoy small things.

sign number 9: There are so many complaints but I refuse to make any attempt to change life.

sign number 10: Busy. Work, chores, tasks – anything to distract from your unhappiness and not hear your inner voice.

Why is it so difficult to admit unhappiness to yourself and how to do it?

A frame from the TV series “Desperate Housewives”

This hurts your self-confidence and your ego: You have achieved so much, but there is an emptiness inside you. As a result, people with “happy masks” run away from themselves and their true feelings. They are deceived, they do not hear, they betray. They are afraid to admit to themselves what they really want because they cannot accept their true self, cling to the opinions of others, and are afraid of being condemned.

Awareness of the problem is 50% of the solution. First of all, you should ask yourself this question: “What does not suit me, what do I no longer accept, what am I missing?” And discharge from the brain from point to point.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t make the list the first time, it may take a few days. As soon as you feel that you don’t like something, immediately write down the answer to this question: “Why am I angry and irritable?” Do not hold back your true feelings, allow yourself to be yourself: “How do I really want it? What joy would bring me?

Start small: Stop doing what you don’t like, be grateful, and keep a success journal. Regularity and discipline are important here: every day you need to notice at least one joy around you.

How to prevent life dissatisfaction?

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Happiness arises from inner belief in one’s own power. Your attitude towards yourself is a product of your thoughts. Therefore, eliminate negativity and adapt to attract new and positive things into your life.

Discover new habits, relationships, activities, products, information, approaches. Try to look for yourself at every stage of life. Reboot your head, or better yet, tear down the old system and install a new one. This can be done in transformation games.

Turn fear into a resource. Exactly where it is felt, magnificent gifts await you in the form of enormous potential that was previously hidden.

And above all, take care of the most important person in your life: yourself. Stop thinking about other people’s opinions; It is impossible to live happily if you are constantly on the defensive.

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