10 favorite TV series characters who were “killed off” by the writers

By the end of many series, characters (often previously loved) have come to be hated. They did the stupidest things that were completely out of character and fans were outraged as to why this happened. We are talking about such heroes who are disconnected from their own shows and writers.

“Game of Thrones”

Daenerys Targaryen

A frame from the TV series Game of Thrones

According to most fans of the show, Daenerys has the worst character arc of any character on television. She has been through so much and done so many worthwhile things: She was married off by her cruel brother, defeated the Dothraki, lost her child and husband, and was burned alive. She liberated enslaved and oppressed communities and turned their enemies into allies. Fans of the series believe that eventually the writers decided, “Oh, let’s have her kill a bunch of innocent people and then have the guy die from a stab wound, even though it’s completely out of character for her to end up falling in love.”

Jamie Lannister

A frame from the TV series Game of Thrones

It could be said that Jaime’s story is the exact opposite of Daenerys’. His development throughout the series pleased many fans, but Lannister’s death in the series disappointed millions of people. He returned there to prevent Cersei’s murder and ultimately died with her.

“Stranger Things”

Jonathan Byers

A frame from the “Stranger Things” series

Brother Will was simply “leaked” last season because before that he had a great relationship with Nancy and was a hard-working guy. He was a role model for his younger brother and his friends. However, the fourth season was a bit of a disappointment for fans. Jonathan got addicted to weed, lied to Nancy about college, and fell in with the wrong crowd.

“Gilmore Girls”

Rory Gilmore

A still from the “Gilmore Girls” series

Rory Gilmore was one of the most popular characters on the TV series Gilmore Girls. Although she had the realistic flaws of any teenage character, she was beautiful, likeable, smart and overall a role model. That all changed with the reboot and sequel series Gilmore Girls: Seasons. Rory became much more selfish, tending to harm others, and despite having incredible potential, he went unnoticed in either his career or personal life. Many fans refused to accept the continuation of the series and did not recognize the same beloved hero in Rory.


Literally all the main characters

A frame from “The Witcher” series

Let’s put aside how sad The Witcher fans are about Henry Cavill’s departure from the project and discuss other characters who disappointed viewers in the third season. Ciri has turned into an annoying character who does the most ridiculous things. It turns out Yennefer is no longer a cool witch; Her whole existence consists of being a mother. And Geralt has gone from an experienced monster hunter, to whom the show should be devoted, to just a good sidekick fighter.

“Buffy the vampire slayer”


A frame from the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series

Many fans felt that the sixth season failed largely because of Spike. He almost always acted as Buffy’s desperate and destructive sexual partner. And in fact, his entire existence in the series was reduced to just that, replacing the positive qualities of the hero.


Dan Humphrey

Withdrew from the TV series “Gossip Girl”

It didn’t make any sense for Dan to be Gossip Girl. His secrets, like everyone else’s, were revealed. Even alone with herself, she was shocked by Gossip Girl’s coverage. Fans had no idea how Dan could ruin his 15-year-old sister’s life by revealing the secrets of her sex life. This realization ruined the public’s goodwill towards Dan, turning him into pure evil in the eyes of many.

“How I met your mother”

Ted Mosby

A still from the TV series “How I Met Your Mother”

How I Met Your Mother fans have been eagerly waiting for 9 long seasons for Ted to meet the mother of his children. The hero’s relationship with Tracy was worth reliving every painful moment in his past. However, all of this went down the drain when it was revealed in the final scene that the entire show was actually about Ted’s love for Robin… The ending reinvigorates the entire series and Ted’s character. And frankly, many people were not happy with this outcome.


Rachel Green

A frame from the series: “Friends”

Some people weren’t happy with what the writers did to Rachel in the series finale. In the first season, she left a man at the altar to be independent and eventually gave up her dream job for a man. It’s like he’s negated all his growth throughout the series.



A frame from the “Loki” series

For most of Loki’s first season, Sylvia was Loki’s best option and an intriguing character. However, at the end of the first season, she betrayed Loki’s trust by kissing him and then pushing him through a portal to kill the Remnant, irreparably damaging the sacred timeline. This alienated most of his fans from him.

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