How Can You Survive Graduation If You Don’t Like Being The Center Of Attention?

Graduation is one of the most exciting and touching holidays. It is this moment that usually symbolizes the farewell to childhood and the beginning of a new adult life. However, what should you do if you are in a real panic on the eve of this important event and your reluctance to go to the event quite spoils your mood?

If you are not used to interacting with a large number of people or do not like being the center of attention, it is important to understand exactly what is causing this.

Often people confuse the anticipation of an upcoming event with fear. In fact, it may just be joyful excitement and not a manifestation of this or that phobia, so it is important to ask yourself: “How do I really feel?”

Ask yourself, “Do I really dislike showing off and interacting with people, or am I just afraid?” If you really don’t like communicating with your peers, you can allow yourself not to do so. But if fear is based on internal complexes, it is necessary to work with it.

Psychologist and Psy 2.0 psychosomatic expert Yana Zimina told The Fashion Vibes how to deal with anxiety and spend this evening without negative emotions.

Yana Zimina, psychologist

Prom is the main holiday of youth, and it is worth spending it the way you want. First of all, arrange a holiday for yourself: imagine how you see your ideal graduation and find the courage in yourself to realize this desire. If you have the opportunity to make a small contribution to the holiday scenario, take action: it will be a huge plus for your mood and will bring you a lot of positive emotions. It is important to understand what you want and to have the courage to pursue those desires in the future.

If you can’t deal with your emotions and tune in to the graduation celebration, you won’t be able to go to graduation in the end.

Remember that the decision is yours alone and you owe nothing to anyone – this is the main rule that you must remember for the rest of your life.

Accept yourself and your individuality

We focus too much on our shortcomings, wasting our precious life energy worrying about appearance. However, everyone forgets that, as a rule, only we ourselves see our shortcomings, and until we tell others about them, other people do not notice anything special in us.

Sometimes it seems to us that everyone around is just doing what they think about us and our cons, but this is a deep fallacy stemming from our egoistic position. In fact, every person is as obsessed as he is and absolutely does not care about other people’s shortcomings.

In addition, focusing on the flaws of appearance and experiencing an inner dissatisfaction with ourselves, we begin to “shine” strongly with this negativity and literally shout out our cons to others. Because of this, we become attractive and even repulsive to others, therefore it is very important to learn to accept ourselves, thereby revealing our nature and true beauty.

Remember that we are what nature wants us to be, and the very idea of ​​ideality is often imposed on us by the context around us. It’s important to have your own sense of who you are without having to rely on someone else’s opinion. And all these suspicious things are your trait, because all people are different.

Individuality is beautiful and you shouldn’t put yourself in “templates”.

To feel more confident, it’s important to identify and focus on your strengths. This is necessary both to increase your self-confidence and to love yourself. A person who loves himself gets respect from others. Something attractive is felt in such a person – you look at him and you realize that he is simply beautiful.

The inner state is much more important than the outer beauty, because the “picture” is perfect, but the inside of a person is cold and unfeeling.

A frame from the series: “Euphoria”

Use the validation practice

With the help of affirmations, you can help overcome psychological gripes.

If you think negatively about yourself: “I’m not interesting”, “a gray mouse”, reverse this belief.

Formulate in your own words a phrase that will characterize you positively and write it down on a piece of paper – this is the only way for affirmation to “fall” directly into the subconscious.

For example: “I am attractive to others.” Remember to strengthen the affirmation with the energy of gratitude, which is very powerful in nature: “Thank you for having this in my life.”

To be in a calm state, it is best to pronounce affirmations in front of a mirror. The best time to apply is before going to bed or after waking up in the morning.

Choose a picture that will be about you

It’s important to think of your prom dress to meet your exact needs and you will feel as comfortable as possible in it, as if you were meeting your best friends in a nice little company.

You should not adhere to stereotypes – for example, girls should come to the prom in dresses, choosing the clothes you like yourself. The main rule when choosing a festive bow is physical and inner comfort.

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