Jennifer Aniston’s glittery gown matches her golden hair in the ‘Murder Mystery 2’ photoshoot.

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No one shines brighter than Friends alum Jennifer Aniston54, made during the murder mystery 2 photocall in Paris on Thursday evening! For a night on the town with your co-star Adam SandlerAt 56, the blonde beauty donned an elegant gold gown that featured an abundance of glittering embellishments and gracefully graced the floor in its length. The pale gold hue of the dress especially matched her famous locks, and it was also dressed in tiny spaghetti straps. Jennifer completed her look with a sexy white fur coat (not pictured), a dainty bracelet, and a simple ring.

Jennifer Aniston's gold dress
Jennifer Aniston wore a gold gown to the ‘Murder Mystery 2’ photocall in Paris. (Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock)

Adam, who starred opposite the 54-year-old actor in the film’s first film, looked dapper in a navy suit. The proud father of two wore a pinstripe suit, which he styled with a matching dark tie and casual black suede sneakers. Jennifer and Adam embraced on the red carpet in front of the Eiffel Tower and even posed with some of their co-stars, including Melanie Laurent, danny boon, jeremy garelickAND kuhoo worm.

Her night on the red carpet comes just hours after the LolaVie founder made an appearance Tomorrow with Adam During the morning interview about the film, Jennifer accidentally swore while talking to the hosts. holly willoughby AND Philip Schofield. When Adam recalled one of his scenes to him in the film, he admitted that he “sneezed and shoved her” while filming at the top of the Eiffel Tower. “I imagine someone pretending to push you off the Eiffel Tower. What fun!” Phillip said, to which Jennifer replied, “Yeah, just for a laugh and a joke.”

Jennifer and Adam Sandler
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler at the ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Photocall. (Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock)

After realizing she had cursed during a TV interview, Jennifer covered her mouth in embarrassment and apologised. “Sorry,” Holly said. Jennifer later joked, “I’m sure you could call it that,” however Phillip confirmed, “No, no, it’s live.” oops! “At least you said ‘laugh’. Then there was happiness!” Adam joked, trying to dispel his friend’s embarrassment. After, the morning program The star talked about how much fun she’s having in Paris for the filming. “They spoiled us for coming here on vacation and we did a lot of press conferences,” she told viewers. “But to be able to be here and work here, which was our job, has been amazing.”

The first installment of the hit Netflix movie was first released in June 2019 and stars Jennifer, Adam, Luke EvansAND Gemma Arterton. murder mystery 1 I watched the dynamic duo play an on-screen husband and wife who end up being framed for a shipboard murder of Luke Evan’s character. Now, in the second chapter, the couple will face new challenges as they spend their holidays in Paris and on a private island for a friend’s wedding. murder mystery 2 is scheduled to hit the streaming platform on March 31st.

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