Kalindi watched on Wednesday and it was (at least) the worst streak of the week

Does Kalindi’s love for Tim Burton’s cinema know no bounds? However, the director’s new Netflix series is a new test for the film journalist.

She screamed his adoration for his film Big fish on all the roofs of the capital without imagining for a single instant that the slope would be slippery, because yes, the rest of the American director’s cinematography is, according to Kalindi, a long fall.

For the podcast The only opinion that matters, critics attack the Netflix series starring Wednesday Addams (of the Addams family), played by Jenna Ortega. No need to go any further, the only opinion that matters is his.

The only opinion that matters

What if the movie you were about to see tonight was dung? Every week, our national Kalindi shoots ambulances and offers you, not interviews, not portraits, but her opinion (and that’s already not bad).

The only opinion that matters is on the way for an explosive Season 2 on all platforms! Half critic, half pillar, here’s a film journalist who should give you a hard time because popcorn, she likes salty ones.

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The only opinion that matters is a Madmoizelle podcast written and hosted by Kalindi Ramphul. Production, music and editing: Mathis Grosos. Chief editor: Marie-Stéphanie Servos.

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