Abortion: MPs vote to include the right to abortion in the constitution

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This is a first step that has just been taken in the National Assembly: this Thursday, November 24, the deputies adopted in first reading the bill aimed at enshrining access to abortion in the Constitution.

With 337 votes in favor and 32 against and to great applause, the National Assembly this afternoon approved in first reading the bill aimed at inserting the right to abortion into the Constitution.

La France Insoumise took advantage of its parliamentary niche to present this text and, unusually, garnered the support of the Renaissance group. Mathilde Panot, leader of the LFI group, dedicated this proposal to Isabelle and Agnieska, two Polish women who died because they could not access abortion in their country:

“Introducing the right to abortion and contraception into our Constitution serves to ward off this fear that assails us here when elsewhere women’s rights are subjected to blows. It is a question of giving a foundation to our vigilance to avoid the unpredictable oscillations of which only human history has the secret. »

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Let’s not shout victory too quickly, this is just a very first step towards a constitutional bill. The text will also have to be adopted by the Senate, where a similar proposal, presented by Senator Mélanie Vogel, had already been rejected on 19 October. Nothing is won yet…

Photo credit: National Assembly (capture)

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