Titanic: Like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet almost didn’t get the roles

Between an actress accustomed to corseted roles and a somewhat capricious actor, Titanic was very close to being very different!

titanic without Leonardi DiCaprio and Kate Winsletthis is absolutely unimaginable. And yet: James Cameron failed don’t cast them for the roles of Jack and Rose.

Kate corset » : a « lazy » choice

Instead titanic will celebrate his 25 years old this year, the director of third most watched film in history we returned to the anecdote of this casting that would last change cinema.

In an interview for HQJames Cameron revealed that he originally involved Kate Winslet in what was to become the film at the 11 Oscars it was far from obvious to him… for a surprising reason:

“Actually, I didn’t see Kate at first.. She had also acted in a few other historical dramas and was getting it a reputation for Kate corset » doing historical stuff, so I thought it would be like the laziest cast in the world “.

titanic 3
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Leonardo DiCaprio refused to read his text

The revelations don’t end there as in this same video, the 68-year-old director explained that originally, Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t in a better position as his future playmate, James Cameron has given the details of an early casting almost cut short because of attitude nothing short of amazing of the young star of Romeo + Juliet.

We suspect: it wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio’s charm that was missing during this first meeting. “Leo arrived and obviously charmed everyone, including me”James Cameron says. But the goal of this audition was to see if there was chemistry between the two actors, at a time when Kate Winslet had already been cast.

However, upon learning that he he had to read the lines and chatting with the actress, DiCaprio replied “who hasn’t read”. It was then that James Cameron shook his hand, before launching this scathing reply:

“It’s a gigantic film that will take up two years of my life. I’m not going to screw it up by taking it the wrong decision during the casting. If you don’t read, you don’t have the role. »

The end of this funny story, we can guess: faced with this ultimatum, Leonardo DiCaprio read his textslipping into Jack’s skin and “lighting up” in the eyes of the director. He then exclaimed: “Okay, it’s him”.

There is no doubt: if titanic is one of the best movies in the world (otherwise, the ?), is thanks to the foresight of this great visionary that is James Cameron. Thank you !

Titanic Twentieth Century Fox France
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