10 daily habits that cause relationships to collapse like a house of cards

10 daily habits that cause relationships to collapse like a house of cards
10 daily habits that cause relationships to collapse like a house of cards

It is no coincidence that the first serious quarrels occur when a couple starts living together. Competitors and homewreckers are everyday life; there is nothing worse. It turns out that giving up your usual comfort is harder than making vows of love and fidelity. We tell you what everyday little things in a relationship with a partner can interfere with personal happiness.

Monotonous fun

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Do you remember how you eagerly awaited each meeting? They all seemed special in their own way. Instead of going to the zoo, to the theater, to exhibitions and parties, you spend time watching TV series occasionally and eating pizza between four walls. Yes, it’s more comfortable, but because of the lack of vivid impressions and emotions, you have almost nothing to argue about. It takes a lot of effort not to take out your accumulated anger on each other.

The habit of speaking loudly

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In rare cases, screaming actually arouses a person, as it stimulates the production of adrenaline. But if you constantly communicate loudly, the body adapts to it and stops responding. At the same time, the annoying one remains, but instead of eliminating the source of the conflict, the partners pull the blanket over themselves, deciding who is to blame.

Irregular work schedule

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If you work during the day and your significant other works at night, then you literally need to carve out a small “window” in your schedule for alone time. Let’s say your musician boyfriend is traveling to different cities and you’re busy filming a movie in a remote part of Australia. It’s no surprise that many Hollywood couples break up for this reason.

Endless accusations and manipulations

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As a rule, in times of conflict it is more important for us to speak openly than to listen to our partner. Because this way we seem to be in a stronger position. But harmonious relationships are not competition. There are no winners or losers here. Therefore, the most important thing in times of conflict is to learn to pause and ask leading questions to the person in order to understand the reasons for his behavior. And only then can you calmly express your point of view, without accusations and reproaches.

Silencing complaints and failing to listen to the partner

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Sometimes we do not know how to keep our mouths shut at the right moment and we talk like crazy when we do not need it. Of course, most of our emotional reactions come from childhood, but most often it is they who create a wall of misunderstanding and provoke conflict situations. You should not accumulate resentment inside yourself and remain silent – after all, your partner does not know how to read minds. It is also important to learn not only to convey your feelings, but also to see the situation through the eyes of another person. If this does not work, it is better to ask directly, instead of making guesses and creating conspiracy theories on an intergalactic scale.

Habit of eating pork at home

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When a person lives alone, he does not have to worry about dirty socks on the floor. But another person, especially distinguished by his love of order and cleanliness, will be annoyed by this habit. Mountains of unwashed dishes, dust on the windowsill, piles of garbage on the table, tangled wires – all this often becomes the trigger for conflicts. At the same time, men are often sure that cleaning and housework are the responsibility of women alone. Only competent distribution of responsibilities will help a couple maintain order in their home and relationships.

By the way, we have already told you how to motivate a man to clean his room if persuasion does not work.

Making fun of your partner’s emotions

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There is nothing worse than indifference or disregard for your partner’s feelings. What seems ridiculous to one person will be the equivalent of losing the ground under their feet to another. It is important to remember that each person deals with difficulties differently. Sometimes we react very emotionally or aggressively, but this does not mean that we are bad people. It is always more pleasant to receive support rather than ridicule and contempt.

Monotonous sex or lack thereof

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Tactile contact is very important in a couple. We instinctively want to touch someone we like. If sex has disappeared in a relationship, you should think about it. Perhaps it is worth adding variety to your intimate life. Otherwise, sooner or later the couple will break up or start looking for adventure on the side.

Habit of remembering old grievances

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There is no relationship without conflicts, but it is one thing for a couple to work on mistakes and move on, and quite another to be stalled by old grievances. If your partner does not meet your expectations, it is better to break up with him right away, rather than trying to communicate, even though you have not fully forgiven him in your heart. Ask yourself: why are you doing this? Maybe you want to bind a person even tighter to yourself by imposing a sense of guilt on him? If so, then your relationship is unlikely to bring joy to both of you.

Playing for the people

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When a relationship starts to fall apart, most couples focus on the opinions of others, not on improving the relationship. Instead of focusing on resolving disagreements, they spend too much energy trying to remain a happy couple in the eyes of others. Moreover, both may not actually care about each other and may be having affairs on the side, spending their free time separately. Needless to say, this only deepens the gap between the partners?

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