5 ways to protect your hair from sunburn

5 ways to protect your hair from sunburn
5 ways to protect your hair from sunburn

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As a rule, in the summer, many girls are waiting for only natural highlights – their hair fades in the sun, and individual strands become several tones lighter. But a beautiful shade does not come by itself. However, the hair becomes dry and brittle, as the rays destroy the amino acids that make up keratin.

The hair structure contains melanin, a natural pigment that gives the strands a dark color. So when ultraviolet light penetrates the melanin cells, it destroys them, so the pigment becomes more dull. So burnt hair is damaged hair. Therefore, in order for the strands to remain healthy, they must be protected from the sun.

Do not wash your hair every day

Our hair has a protective film that protects it from aggressive external factors, including the effects of sunlight. However, daily hair washing helps to wash away this film, and the hair strands become less resistant to UV rays.

Use hair products with UV protection

Today, most brands produce special solar product lines. Therefore, the market offers not only UV-protective sprays, but also shampoos, masks, and conditioners. In the summer, it is better to take a closer look at such cosmetics.

Wear a hat

This is one of the simplest yet most effective options on how to protect your hair from fading. Moreover, berets, hats and scarves are now among the trendiest accessories.

Minimize the use of hair dryers and straighteners

Summer months are a good time to keep heat styling to a minimum. Let your hair take a break from styling products and dry naturally.

Give your hair extra moisture

You should definitely include a hair mask in your beauty routine during the summer months so that your hair strands look well-groomed and healthy at the end of the season.

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