How to write a letter by mail that will definitely be answered?

How to write a letter by mail that will definitely be answered?
How to write a letter by mail that will definitely be answered?

Media workers know firsthand how many emails come to the mail. And let’s face it, we don’t always have the strength to read them all. So what to do when it is important for you to contact a large organization for employment or partnership, so as not to get lost among thousands of organizations? One mistake in correspondence with a stranger can spoil the first impression and nullify all efforts. We tell you how to write a letter that will definitely get an answer.

A letter that “sells”

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Before you write an Email, summarize what you know about yourself or the product you want to sell. Think about what you look for first when you go to a website, watch the news, or choose something in a store.

Most of the time, if the receiver is silent, it is because:

– there are too many letters;

– lacks exclusivity: he is regularly sent similar offers for goods and services;

– has no free time;

– stalled by flattery, arrogance, or inadequacy of expression.

At the same time, the sender spends a lot of effort and resources to research the company and write the perfect letter, but does not notice the obvious. For example, a person is very confident in his uniqueness, so he does not even assume the possibility of rejection, which means he does not see the whole picture, especially the wishes of the recipient. Instead of focusing on what the employer, customer or partner wants, the sender focuses on telling his own success story, essentially ignoring or disregarding the other person. In this regard, it is important to offer something that your competitors do not have. Therefore, the key to a successful transaction is to offer services that the recipient cannot refuse.

Greetings and introducing yourself

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Addressing without greeting is considered very rude. Avoid unnecessary pathos and seriousness. Just write “Good afternoon / Hello / Good evening”. No familiarity like “Hello, how are you?” Do not forget to address the person by name and state your name. Explain that you are open to communication and cooperation, but that you are not under pressure.

Create in a single format

The formatting of the letter is also important. Follow the rules of punctuation, do not be lazy to capitalize proper nouns. Make sure that the text is written in the same font and in the same format. A letter should have enough “air” to be easy to read, so break the text into paragraphs. You do not need to use CAPSLOCK or emoticons in business correspondence so as not to appear aggressive or childish.

Briefly state the essence of the request

Ideally, formulate your request in the subject line of the email. For example, an offer to cooperate or purchase a product. At the beginning of the letter, repeat the request you made in one or two sentences. Do not get carried away by listing all the bonuses. It is better to add that you are ready to discuss all the services in more detail, or attach them as a separate file or link, so that the letter does not seem overloaded. Leave only the most important ones.

Build an emotional bond

It is important for the recipient to know your intentions so that he can choose one letter from hundreds. When applying for a job or asking for partnership, tell us about your positive experience with the company. For example, “I regularly buy things from your online store because I like the quality of the fabrics, the design and the speed of delivery, and you also have an excellent bonus system for regular customers.” The main thing is not to try to pressure a person using manipulations like “Are you interested yet?” or “Do any of the topics suit you?”

Practice digital etiquette

Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, said, “Nothing is as cheap and valuable as kindness.” Before sending a letter, check the recipient’s name and address, as well as his work schedule. You should not send a letter at midnight; this disrespects the person’s personal space. In business correspondence, you do not need to use CAPSLOCK or emoticons, so as not to appear aggressive or childish. Do not forget to check the letter for errors, leave links to contacts and sources, and say goodbye, “I hope for further collaboration.”

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