Trailer for Taika Waititi’s Fantasy Adventure Series TIME BANDITS Starring Lisa Kudrow

Trailer for Taika Waititi’s Fantasy Adventure Series TIME BANDITS Starring Lisa Kudrow

Apple TV+ has released the first trailer for Taika Waititifantasy adventure series by Time Banditsa reimagining of Terry Gilliam’s classic 1981 film.

I love the original Time Bandits movie! It was one of my favorites as a kid and it’s one of those movies I still watch over and over again.

I was curious to see what Waititi would do with his reimagining, now after watching the trailer, I’m not impressed. It doesn’t really have the same feel or tone as the original film.

This series is clearly not made for fans of the original film. It is aimed at a new, younger generation of audiences who have probably never seen the original Time Bandits.

The stars of the series Lisa Kudrow, Dr. Tadhg Murphy, Roger Jean Nsengiyumva, Kal-El Tuck, Kiera ThompsonAND Rune Temte.

The show has been described as a comedic journey through time and space featuring a motley crew of thieves led by Kudrow’s character, Penelope, and their newest recruit: an eleven-year-old story nerd named Kevin. Much of the comedy in this trailer disappoints me.

Waititi has previously spoken about his experience watching the original film, saying, “It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I remember being scared by a lot of it. A lot of the kids’ movies back then weren’t that creative and imaginative.”

Speaking about Kudrow’s casting in the series, the director said, “I love Lisa Kudrow and I thought it would be awesome to see her lead a band of idiots through time.”

Taika developed the series together with Jemaine Clementwho said: “Most of the stuff Taika and I have done has been very budget. He’s done a lot of big-budget stuff, but I’ve never been on that big-budget side.

“So it was great to have a bigger paint box to work with. But I always enjoy working with Taika. We have a real shorthand with each other. I forget that when I work with other writers or directors, there’s a little more explanation that has to be given.”

He added: “There are some that you would expect and some that you might not expect. We go from prehistoric dinosaur times to the 1990s. There are some medieval places like medieval England and medieval Africa. And then we get to the Ice Age. That’s fun.”

The series will consist of ten episodes and will be released on July 24 on Apple TV+. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think!

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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