Summer holidays have a negative impact on children’s health (study)

Summer holidays have a negative impact on children’s health (study)
Summer holidays have a negative impact on children’s health (study)

Since July 5th all students are officially on summer vacation. A well-deserved rest after a hard year of work, but this break is not so advantageous.

Rest, family reunions, relaxation, late nights… yes, it’s summer vacation! Since July 5th, all students are officially on vacation. When we think of summer vacation, we think of swimming, sunscreen, relaxation, but in reality it’s much more screens in unlimited and sedentary moderelationships Why Doctor?based on a study conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia, whose work was published in the international journal Children. The researchers analyzed all the studies that have been carried out on the topic, that is, on a total of 14 million school children. The results are uplifting.

Children are less active during summer holidays

Children aged 5 to 18 pass by more time indoors and on screens during the summer holidays. This sedentary lifestyle leads to worsening of the health of young people, including poor fitness and weight gain. This results in particular in a decrease in resistance. Compared to end-of-year performance, children burn out more quickly when they return to school at the beginning of the school year. Academically, they are not doing so well either. Researchers have observed that the break from the school system has led to a significant decline in their learning abilities.

“During the summer holidays it is normal for school children to become less active, eat more junk food and spend more time in front of screens. It is important that they have free time. But what we have noticed is that these behaviors are sufficiently widespread significant negative impacts on health said lead author Emily Eglitis in a statement from the Australian university. And this phenomenon especially affects disadvantaged children.

Physical activity, from an early age, is essential for good health. Here are the recommendations of ANSES (National Agency for Food Safety) based on the age of children

Physical activity: age-by-age advice

  • Children under 5 years old
    Three hours of physical activity a day is recommended. Encourage play and fun, diversify activities: walking, running, jumping, throwing, balancing, etc.
  • Children aged 6 to 11 years
    A minimum of one hour of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity is recommended each day.
  • Teenagers aged 12 to 17
    It is recommended to do one hour of moderate to high intensity physical activity every day, which involves the muscles and improves resistance and flexibility: gymnastics, climbing, dancing, ball games… Every occasion is a good one to encourage
    Teens: Encourage activities with friends, clubs, or family, but most importantly let them choose the activities they enjoy.

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