Debunking 5 Preconceived Ideas About E-Readers

Debunking 5 Preconceived Ideas About E-Readers
Debunking 5 Preconceived Ideas About E-Readers

Summer vacation = reading? Kobo by Fnac e-readers help you put all the possibilities on your side to reach this winning equation. The opportunity to dismantle preconceived ideas about e-readers together with you.

The holidays are approaching and with them all our good summer resolutions. In mind, finally (again) start reading this book, which has been lying on the nightstand for months. We can already hear you: “yes but I can’t bring much, I only have hand luggage”. Or in the eco-friendly version: “I’m going with a backpack, every gram counts”! No more excuses thanks to the Kobo by Fnac e-readers and, to finish convincing you, let’s tackle some preconceived ideas. Bonus: Select models are reduced in price until July 27.

It hurts the eyes

We are not throwing stones at you, on the contrary it is healthy to be wary. What is usually negative is the famous blue light that emanates directly from the screen. But on e-readers, when there is lighting, it comes from the sides and not directly from the screen. It is much better for the retina and above all, if you read in broad daylight, there is no need for this illumination. The electronic ink technology, whose performance is close to that of printing on paper, only requires ambient light. The Kobo Clara BW, the entry-level model (and on sale for 124.99 euros instead of 139.99 euros until July 19), also has an anti-glare screen, a little extra for reading on the terrace or by the pool.

This is another device to charge

So yes, but not as often as your cell phone! The e-reader easily lasts several weeks without recharging. In fact, e-ink consumes very little energy, and not continuously. It only needs it to generate a new view, so when you change pages. Bye, battery savings compared to other devices.

It is not possible to take notes

We also like to highlight thought-provoking passages, or annotate the page with a brilliant (or not so brilliant) idea that pops into our mind. And it’s possible on the Kobo Libra Color (on sale for €209.99 instead of €229.99 from July 20 to 27), compatible with a stylus (not included). E-readers with a capacity of 16 GB, the average for the Kobo range, can hold about 12,000 titles, so the commented books sleep warm in the e-reader. It’s easy to access at any time to bring out a quote that hits the mark, share your favorite passage with your friends, or highlight your professional work.

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The choice of books is limited

On the contrary, the digital format allows young authors to start, without the heavy investments related to printing. You will therefore find more choice, even among bestsellers and great classics. The opportunity to discover the book behind the successful series The Bridgerton Chronicleor even a recent thriller release with The Cuckoo’s Nest by Camilla Läckberg.

Did you know that some Kobos, like the Clara and Libra models, are in color? So you can read comics there too, without losing the reading experience. On the comics side, the e-book of Deadpool volume 1 is also offered for the possible activation of the Clara Color (on promotion at €144.99 instead of €159.99 until July 19) or the Libra Color (on promotion at €209.99 instead of €159.99 until July 19) €229.99 from July 20 to 27) from June 26 to July 23.

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Is too expensive

The initial investment costs more than a paperback, that’s for sure. On the other hand, e-books are always worth a few euros less than their paper and ink cousins, there are promotions and some are even free. The curious participated in the calculation game, and the purchase of an e-reader would have paid for itself with about twenty titles. It can happen quickly if you find the right books to devour!

To give you a hand, The Kobo Clara BW*, Kobo Clara Color*, and Kobo Libra Color** are on sale. This is your chance to take the plunge!

*On sale from July 5th to 19th

*On sale from July 20th to 27th

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