Emma Roberts Blames ‘Internet Culture’ & ‘Everything Turned Into a Joke’ for MADAME WEB Flop

Emma Roberts Blames ‘Internet Culture’ & ‘Everything Turned Into a Joke’ for MADAME WEB Flop

Mrs. Web actress Emma Roberts recently shared his thoughts on Mrs. Web after the flop at the box office and with critics.

Mrs. Web it was not a good movie, and for me it is easily one of the worst movies of the year. That whole story and movie was so poorly executed on every level.

Regardless of what critics and audiences thought of the film, it was a good experience for Roberts and she enjoyed the film. She also blames “internet culture” and “everything being turned into a joke” for the film’s flop.

In an interview with Variety, he said: “Things work; things don’t work. Everyone likes to act like they can predict whether they’re going to work or not. And the truth is, they can’t.

“Things go bad, and then they blow up later on TikTok. Things go good, but then you look at them and think, ‘Was that good?’ There’s no secret to it. It’s about making something good and making it happen at the right time.

“Everything else is like a wish and a prayer. I’m not intimidated by failure, and I’m not intimidated by people who have negative thoughts about something.”

He continued to talk about Mrs. Webthe reception, saying: “I personally loved it very much Mrs. Web. I really enjoyed the movie. I thought everyone in it was great. The director, S.J. ClarksonI think he did an incredible job. That’s why I wanted to do that movie.

“If it weren’t for the Internet culture and everything being made into a joke, I think the reception would have been different. And that’s what depresses me about a lot of things, even things I’ve done, is that people make fun of everything now.”

Well, when the dialogue is this ridiculously bad, it’s hard not to make a joke! I understand that some actors want to be protective of the movies they make, and Roberts is committed to defending Mrs. Web.

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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