How to start a career in the fashion industry? Experts explain their paths, challenges and motivations

How to start a career in the fashion industry? Experts explain their paths, challenges and motivations
How to start a career in the fashion industry? Experts explain their paths, challenges and motivations

Perhaps nothing inspires more than the success stories of great people. Cult designers, models, founders of the biggest fashion publications and fashion companies; all of them had to overcome a difficult path before their names were heard all over the world. Some knocked on closed doors and only after many attempts could they find their own, while for some the paths were open since childhood and they faced hatred and prejudice. The path of every successful person is different, but they all have one thing in common: the pursuit of their goals, constant work on themselves and unconditional faith in their work.

Today, the fashion industry in Russia is developing so rapidly that it is a sin to dream in this business, but never try yourself. On this wave, a new project, Fashionport, appeared, which opens the doors of the fashion world to aspiring creators.

Russian designers, clothing and cosmetics brands, manufacturers, influencers, artists, fashion journalists and PR specialists will be able to unite and help each other develop. Participants will have the opportunity to compete for the championship in their category, as well as make useful connections, show themselves and their products, implement creative ideas and reveal their potential. Registered Fashionport creators will be included in a closed Telegram channel, where everyone can talk about themselves and their projects, find partners among other participants.

“The project was created with the aim of promoting the development of the fashion industry, as well as bringing together experts and young talents for mutual support. “It is important for us to create a comfortable atmosphere for all participants, where everyone feels part of a big and inspiring community,” says Inna Orel, co-founder and creative director of Fashionport.

The nominations will be supervised by fashion and beauty industry professionals. Each of them is already firmly established in the fashion world and is ready to help emerging professionals on their way. We spoke to some of them to find out how their careers started, what challenges they faced along the way, and what advice they would give to those just starting out.

I lived in Germany for the first six years of my life, and at that time there was no shortage of beautiful and fashionable clothes, as in Russia. When we returned to Moscow, my clothes quickly ran out. I lost my last pair of boots in a pioneer camp where children from different families were vacationing, and they gave me boots from other children that I didn’t like at all. Even then I understood that I would do everything in my life to have beautiful clothes and shoes.

At the age of 15 I started going to school discos, I remember how much I missed these beautiful clothes. We borrowed them from each other every time. Then I thought that I would do everything to dress nicely for my friends and I. Much later, in 1991, I began to notice how poorly the first rich people dressed. Then I made the final decision that people in my country should dress stylishly and beautifully. After that my life began to improve incredibly, I had opportunities, I began to buy clothes with my own money and bring them to Russia from abroad. My first clients were famous people – the entire Russian stage, gallery owners and artists, artists, etc.

And by the way, I didn’t study anywhere. I don’t have any education, I just went where I was interested, nothing more.

Everything was difficult at different stages of my life journey but my spiritual mentor once said that working is okay. The whole Universe is working and no matter how many tests a person faces, God gives him more strength for it.

The best motivation is to look around and understand what you can do for yourself when you really need it. You need to be honest with yourself. If you want to improve in a certain area, do not hesitate and contact professionals, they will definitely help you.

After university, I started working at the L’Oreal concern. Later, she joined the Russian team of the iconic brand Dior as a PR director in the beauty sector. International fashion weeks and exhibitions, backstage shows, the Cannes Film Festival and luxurious images of actresses that we created together with the coolest fashion and beauty experts – this work experience became truly priceless for me.

I remember that it was difficult at first to manage the schedule at international events, when you had to act coherently and clearly as a team, have time to film, do interviews and not be late for an evening event with one or another celebrity.

The secret is that in the end everything looks flawless, easy and relaxed, and the consumer doesn’t always need to know how much work and discipline goes behind every fashion image, photograph or tube of lipstick.

The results of the work done give more responsibility and confidence to overcome any obstacle. My advice to those who are new to this field is; do not be afraid of anything, including making mistakes, be open, proactive, greedy for knowledge and of course do not forget to enjoy every step.

I have a journalism education and always dreamed of working in a print publication. After graduating from the institute, I got to the OK magazine. first position – editorial assistant. In a year, I moved from assistant to gossip column editor, and a few months later I became an editor in the fashion department.

He always showed initiative and was willing to grow, learn something new and was not afraid of additional work; perhaps this is the key to rapid career growth.

Then I went to Grazia magazine as a news editor. We made a weekly glossy magazine, so we went to print every week. It was a real school. Then I became senior editor of the Russian version of Cosmopolitan, where I worked for two years.

A few years later, when Laura Dzhugelia was looking for a The Fashion Vibes editor-in-chief, I was recommended for this position by my former colleagues. I went through several stages of interviewing and was eventually accepted. I have been the head of the editorial office of the The Fashion Vibes digital publication for three years.

Every day I face a million challenges, from finding a junior news editor to major changes in brand strategy. Every day there are tasks, problems, situations that need to be solved, constantly communicated, analyzed, calculated, thought ahead.

I recommend that you do not wait until I give you a job, but come to me yourself and ask: “How can I help? What can I do?” Be proactive. Do not be afraid to work hard, do not refuse new tasks that you have not done before. I always act on the principle of “we will agree, we will solve it”. I know that this approach is not suitable for everyone, but it works for me.

In 2015, I realized that I no longer wanted to associate myself with the office and started modeling. Professional, commercial model. I worked in this status for seven years, but I had no intention of stopping. After five or six years, during the pandemic, I realized that I wanted to deepen my style knowledge and get to know the fashion industry even better.

Burnout and aversion to blogging are constantly occurring. You need to be interesting, always learning, communicating, attending events, being as social a person as possible. Burnout and setbacks are the worst things that can happen.

Discipline, consistency and balance are very important no matter what the area of ​​life. This includes consistency in posting, consistency in public appearances and consistency in development. But we should also not forget ourselves, our true desires and needs. Learning to balance workaholism with being the laziest person on earth.

My acquaintance with creative production began long before this profession became widely known in the market. My team and I financed the first shoots ourselves and immediately began to bear fruit: the traffic from people was incredible, and the number of my subscribers increased sixfold instantly. Production gave me the opportunity to enter the global market, work with completely different experts, attract the attention of major bloggers and develop my personal brand.

There were so many difficulties that I earned the status of the most stress-resistant producer long ago.

A 400-kilogram piano that didn’t sink for underwater shooting, a snake that got sick before the project, a floor-to-ceiling chandelier that had to support the weight of two people – there were so many unpleasant moments that I could write a book about it.

No matter what field you work in, start studying marketing today and develop your creative thinking and observation skills. It is impossible to create something unique and beautiful if you do not allow this unique and beautiful to pass through you. I strongly recommend that you not only watch movies, campaigns, photographers’ work, but also look at it under a microscope. I watch content every day. The amount is incalculable. What does this give me? The ability to predict and identify trends.

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