Talisman of love: what to do with the bridal bouquet after the wedding

Talisman of love: what to do with the bridal bouquet after the wedding
Talisman of love: what to do with the bridal bouquet after the wedding

Hooray, you caught the bride’s bouquet, which means that according to the sign the next wedding will be yours. So where did this tradition come from? And how to do everything right so that harmony and understanding reign in relationships? We tell you what to do with a wedding bouquet to attract the energy of luck and love.

Where did the tradition of throwing a bridal bouquet come from?

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In European culture, for an unmarried young lady to catch the bridal bouquet meant she would walk down the aisle. In fact, at a wedding it was considered lucky to receive part of the bride’s dress, and since the banquets were crowded, there were many single women among the guests, and the bride was in danger of ending up in rags.

Over time, wedding dresses began to be preserved and passed on to daughters as an inheritance. And they threw the necklace to their friends as a trophy. True, this tradition did not take root, because, firstly, the gift was too expensive, and secondly, many girls wanted to get married so much that they were ready to tear off the jewelry from the bride’s neck with their own hands. So throwing a bouquet of flowers became a good omen.

In the old days in Russia there was a ritual in which unmarried girls danced around the bride. At one point, she gave a bouquet of wildflowers to one of them with her eyes closed. According to legend, the lucky woman should get married soon. It was also believed that the girl who was hit by the bouquet but could not catch it would get married, but her marriage would not last long.

By the way, you can not give a wedding bouquet (like any other wedding items) to a friend or sister. Otherwise, according to legend, relations with the spouse will deteriorate and there will be no prosperity in the family.

We have previously talked in detail about the wedding signs that the bride should pay attention to.

If you caught the bridal bouquet, what should you do next?

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The lucky woman who caught the bride’s bouquet should remember some rules. First of all, in no case should flowers be thrown away after the wedding, but it is recommended to keep them at home for a year. Secondly, if your plans do not include marriage and you want to give a bouquet, then in no case do this, because your current relationship can go wrong. And finally, you should cast a good luck spell so that the wedding bouquet brings happiness to your personal life. According to Slavic tradition, the ideal option is to dry the flower arrangement, turning it into a decorative element.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your wedding bouquet:

– Dry the flowers in the sand so that they retain their shape and color. The composition can also be used at a wedding celebration, for example as a table decoration.

– You can not throw away the bouquet, but burn it according to a special ritual. This will save future relationships from negativity and quarrels. You should give the flowers to the fire, dressed nicely.

– Send flowers floating along the river. At the same time you should thank fate for your luck and make a wish, then the ritual will bring family happiness.

– Flowers from a small bouquet can be stored in a jar filled with glycerin and water. You should cut the stems and keep the flowers in the jar for 20-30 days. During this period, the flowers will gain brightness. Then they can be placed in a vase as decoration or hung on the door to please the soul.

It is worth saying that it is best to store a dried bouquet in a moderately humid climate. Otherwise, mold will form on them. Topiary or a panel of dried flowers looks very nice in the interior. In addition, they can make a good pendant-amulet for good luck: just fill them with resin for jewelry. If you like candles, flat flowers can be filled with beeswax.

If you want the flowers to last longer, florists recommend purchasing antimicrobial mixtures and treating them with insecticide.

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