Star of the show “Improvisers” Dmitry Pozov told how he saved a man

Star of the show “Improvisers” Dmitry Pozov told how he saved a man
Star of the show “Improvisers” Dmitry Pozov told how he saved a man

Dmitry Pozov became very popular after the release of the program “Improvisation” on TNT. The program is now broadcast on STS under a new name “Improvisers” with Anton Shastun, Arseny Popov and Sergei Matvienko. This is not the only show in which the comedian takes part: he also gets a lot of exposure on YouTube. The actor gave a new interview to Karen Adamyan, in which he told how he once saved a guy.

Arseny Popov, Sergey Matvienko, Dmitry Pozov, Anton Shastun. A frame from the show “Improvisation”

“You say that, you saved a person, you helped him. I was standing on the balcony the other night. “It was still winter, there was a lot of snow,” he began.

Dmitry Pozov. A frame from the YouTube channel “Macarena”

Then his wife Ekaterina went out onto the balcony: “Don’t you think there’s someone lying there?” But they didn’t immediately see the person in the snowdrift: “I said: ‘We have to go, if it’s a person then I’ll take some precautions, if it’s a bag then at least let’s be calm.”

A man with multiple sclerosis was found lying in the snow: “He suddenly jumps up and says: ‘Did I faint?’ By that time, the producer had already called an ambulance, and with it the police.

Dmitry Pozov. Photo: social networks

As a result, the man was helped back home: “He was very grateful to me. He said: ‘If you hadn’t woken me up, I would have woken up, but I would have fallen down too… Of course, I am always afraid of freezing in the winter.’ He lives with this problem, he knows everything.”

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