Pavel Volya told why he admires Laysan Utyasheva

Pavel Volya told why he admires Laysan Utyasheva
Pavel Volya told why he admires Laysan Utyasheva

On June 28, Laysan Utyasheva celebrates her birthday – she turns 39. Pavel Volya was one of the first to congratulate the gymnast. The comedian dedicated a touching message to his wife in his personal blog.

Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva. Photo: social networks

The comedian confessed his love for the athlete and thanked him for the years they lived together. The entertainer stated that he met the girl of his dreams and called her the most beautiful in the Universe. “Our house is filled with your laughter. I swear you are so funny. You have some very cool ideas. Your energy fills everything. You are the most loving and responsible mother. You are a little girl. “How shy and humble you are, it’s the sweetest thing in the world,” Volya said to his wife.

Laysan Utyasheva and Pavel Volya. Photo: social networks

Volya also emphasized Utyasheva’s ability to work. According to the comedian, the woman’s dancing is on the verge of perfection. As Pavel noted, it is a pleasure for him to watch and learn from Laysan. Moreover, the comedian never ceases to admire the gymnast’s kindness.

“You can’t be offended. And I do not envy the one who decided to offend you. There are two of us here and I don’t envy him twice. You can embrace the whole world. You feel sorry for everyone. You help more than anyone could ever imagine. “You give good things for free and expect nothing in return,” the artist concluded.

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