7 exciting Russian movies and TV series in production

7 exciting Russian movies and TV series in production
7 exciting Russian movies and TV series in production

As part of the VI TV series festival “Pilot”, the All-Russian business forum “Pilot. Departure Points”, which took place in Ivanovo from 20 to 23 June. Here, representatives of online platforms and TV channels showcased more than 65 projects, most of which are still under development. We have selected the brightest and most ambitious new products currently in production.

“Garage Workers”, dir. Mikhail Mestetsky

A frame from the shooting of the TV series “Garazhniki”

Fans of sitcoms in the style of Parks and Recreation and The Office, which apparently inspired the writers, will definitely enjoy the series, tentatively titled Garage Workers. It is worth saying that there are not many projects in the mockumentary genre and even they are very funny. Alexey Rozin plays the inept head of a garage and construction cooperative, under whose roof eccentric representatives of small businesses gather. His hero sees himself as an NLP specialist who not only heals human souls, but also does everything for the sake of friendship between neighbors. But suddenly the threat of destruction looms over their brotherhood.

“Cupid”, direction. Andrey Dzhunkovsky and Ilya Ovsenev

A frame from the shooting of the TV series “God of Love”

According to the creators, the project will be made using the rotoscoping technique, that is, we watched only one movie in the presentation, and it should later be turned into an anime. The plot tells the story of two twin sisters Anya and Nadya Vdovin, who grew up in an orphanage. In search of a better life, Nadya goes to Japan but falls into the clutches of a mafia there. Having become a professional MMA fighter, Anya enters into an unequal duel with the Yakuza, aiming to find and save her sister at all costs. The main role was played by Alena Mikhailova, and her partners were Yuri Kolokolnikov and Ekaterina Vilkova.

“The Witches’ Hammer”, dir. Evgeny Bedarev

A frame from the shooting of the TV series “The Hammer of Witches”

The Slavic fantasy is set in a fictional occult institute for the study of magic in the picturesque town of Kalyazino. One day, the Lady of the Elements escapes from the laboratory with the intention of populating the world with fairy-tale creatures. She transforms local residents into mermaids and goblins. To save people, three friends Alyosha Popov, Nikita Dobrynin and Ilya Muromtsev come together to fight an ancient evil. But they plan to fight not with spears, sticks, or even magic, but with modern technologies.

“First Number”, dir. Klim Kozinsky

A frame from the shooting of the TV series “First Number”

What happens to polishing now? It is no coincidence that one of the screenwriters is the former editor-in-chief of Russian Esquire Sergei Minaev, who knows the answer to this question firsthand. It was he who had to revive the domestic gloss, successfully relaunch the magazine and turn it into “Rules of Life”. It is not surprising that his hero, like himself, is Konstantin Inozemtsev, the popular best-selling writer of the 2000s, played on the big screen by Evgeny Tsyganov. When he starts having trouble with money, fate gives him the chance to revive his dying publication. “Gentlemen” is out of fashion, he tells his future partners during an interview. He will have only a month to publish the first issue and prove that it is too early to write it off. This is how a new fashion magazine “Lampa” will be born. The star cast is already pleasing: Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Pavel Derevyanko, Ravshan Kurkova, Lukerya Ilyashenko, Alexandra Bortich, Leonid Yarmolnik, Olga Sutulova, Petar Zekavitsa, Alexander Tsypkin and, by the way, Sergei Minaev himself, whose “Pilot” is one of the project selectors of the festival this year .

“Last Hero. Inheritance”, dir. Anton Maslov

A frame from the shooting of the new episode of the “Last Hero” series. Heritage”

In the new movie of the series, the heroine Marya (Arina Rozhkova) and her younger sister, the aspiring sorceress Sophia (Evelina Mazurina), will be at the center of the story. In the story, their father Ivan (Victor Khorinyak), who is 50 years old, lives a happy life until his peace is suddenly disturbed by the sorcerer Severin, who has a terrible vision. To save Belogorye and her own father, Sophia travels to the Moscow of the past, where she will meet her father in his youth, and Marya prepares to defeat the evil in the city. The main roles in the favorite fairy tale were also played by Nikita Khorkov, Kirill Zaitsev, Alexandra Ursulyak, Pavel Novikov, Elena Yakovleva, Yulia Peresild, Viktor Sukhorukov, Nikita Kologrivy and others. Enjoy your return to Belogorye!

“Teenagers in Space”, dir. Mitriy Semenov-Aleinikov

A frame from the shooting of the TV series “Youth in Space”

The creators of the series have stated that they plan to revive the science fiction genre for children, and that’s really cool. Inspired by the Soviet film “Youth in the Universe”, they presented a new project “Youth in Space”, the plot of which takes place in 2054. The future of the planet is under threat: Due to environmental problems, the average age of life is falling and death rates are increasing. For this reason, the task of saving lives on Earth is entrusted to young people. After a rigorous selection process, the best 6 out of 13 applicants will be selected to be part of the space team. They will fly to the asteroid for a valuable substance that will prevent the death of the world. There will be fierce competition among young people for the right to go to space. Everyone has their own motivations. Coming from a disadvantaged area, Kirill will go to prison if he does not pass the election, and Anya intends to find the truth about the death of her famous cosmonaut father.

“Cyborg”, dir. Valentina Bespalaya and Ksenia Pchelintseva

A frame from the shooting of the TV series “Cyborg”

This year at the forum “Pilot. The creators of the documentary films “Points of Takeoff” have repeatedly expressed their intention to make the film as exciting as a feature film. And considering the number of interesting projects, many discoveries await viewers. The documentaries “On the Hook: When a Scammer Calls”, “The Way of the Lotus” and “The Secrets of Karenina” looked really interesting, but my favorite would definitely be the inspiring movie “Cyborg”, which is about people who are literally lost. They lose a part of themselves, an arm or a leg. Every day they defy fate with incredible courage. The film shows how, with the help of innovative technologies, they not only find hope for a fulfilling life but also make their wildest dreams come true. Roman Kostomarov’s story flows like a red thread. Fans of Nik Vucic, who was left without arms and legs due to a generally rare hereditary disease and who knew him from the book “Life Without Limits: The Path to an Incredibly Happy Life”, will learn his true stories. Similar people in Russia. After watching it, it becomes clear that indeed all everyday problems are completely solvable and there is no such word as “impossible”.

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