The 10 worst moments of mansplaining according to our readers

The 10 worst moments of mansplaining according to our readers
The 10 worst moments of mansplaining according to our readers

When a man explains to a woman something that she already knows, or is even an expert on, it is called mansplaining and, obviously, you have already experienced this type of situation.

MansplainingThis term you know designates the habit that certain men haveexplain to women what they know best or simply to demonstrate to them, all with a often condescending and paternalistic tone. Recently it was our dear Prime Minister Gabriel Attal who carried out a wonderful operation of mansplaining bursting onto the stage where Valérie Hayer, candidate for the European elections, was being interviewed.
THE maintenance, for its part, refers to the systematic and unjustified interruption of women by their male colleagues. According to a British study, in meetings, men take up 75% of speaking time. Furthermore, in meetings, a man interrupts a woman 23% more times than another male colleague.

Your worst mansplaining moments

We asked you your worst moments mansplaining. Small (non-exhaustive) anthology of your messages received:

  • “A colleague explained to me how to manage my team when we don’t do the same job (at all). » @monabdelle
  • “A Dutchman told me he knew the meaning of a French expression better than me. » @camillebastoche
  • “A man told me I couldn’t change the tire on my car myself because it’s too heavy. » @manonbji
  • “I live in a city. That once came for three days and wanted to teach me our traditions. ?” @soniavorazon
  • “A man wanted to explain maternal instinct to me” @captainosblek
  • “My father who tells me that sweet white wine cannot be put in the fridge even though I am… sommelier”. @juliewineries
  • “The boy who explains to me the composition of the Council of State. I have a master’s degree in public law.” @lennyou
  • «The one who explains the scholarships to me while I’m a social worker at Crous.» @planetmai
  • “My college telling me I don’t have the position, nor offers them worthy of my position. » @emeline_ldj
  • “A client who wanted to teach me my job as a graphic designer by explaining how to create a logo. » @flullabiz
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