Fashion editor’s diary: Bridgertons star in Alessandro Michele’s Skims campaign debut collection for Valentino and other fashion news of the week

Fashion editor’s diary: Bridgertons star in Alessandro Michele’s Skims campaign debut collection for Valentino and other fashion news of the week
Fashion editor’s diary: Bridgertons star in Alessandro Michele’s Skims campaign debut collection for Valentino and other fashion news of the week

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Hello to all fashion lovers! Your fashion editor is here. There are so many trends and brands in my world that I decided to keep an online diary where I will note the most important things in the industry. And although such diaries are often called personal, mine is open to all readers – so you will be aware of the most interesting things.

Representatives of the fashion industry do not go on vacation even in summer. Now every day we watch the programs of our favorite brands (from Gucci to Prada), witness new campaigns and shoots for reputable glossy magazines. But of all the news this week, the presentation of Alessandro Michele’s first collection for Valentino definitely wins the race for the most talked about. The designer completely revised the DNA of the fashion house, carefully working with archives and making many references to Valentino Garavani’s collections. What else was discussed in the fashion community this week? Of course, it’s the new campaign for Kim Kardashian’s Skims brand, starring Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan. By the way, Russian photographer Elizaveta Porodina was responsible for the shooting.

There were really many interesting events this week, so I suggest you take a short digital journey with me into the latest news from the world of fashion and learn a little more about our domestic brands, advertising campaigns and collections. Shall we begin?

Where can I find the perfect dress for summer? So much so that you can go on a long-awaited vacation, go on a date, or meet your friends. We invite you to meet the new collection of the YVON brand, codenamed Sun Kissed. Each dress has a story about lightness, beauty and inspiration. The new capsule is a tribute to the feelings you experience on the shore of a tropical island. You’ll find ruffled dresses, draped skirts and ruffled tops on the brand’s website and in stores. Our favorite piece from the collection is the rich yellow mini dress.

Russian brands never stand still. For example, recently Fiore Bags and Natalya Kanevskaya presented a special collection combining the worlds of fashion and cinema. The costume designer embodied his creativity in the unique models of Fiore Bags. The designer is known to many viewers thanks to such projects as “Hold the Women”, “Trigger”, “Cheburashka”. The last tape became the starting point for creating the capsule. Thus, by bringing together the main models of the Fiore Bags brand and the color palette of the movie, a collaboration that all influencers had already dreamed of was born. The capsule includes four bag models in bright “candy” colors. These models are ideal for both shooting and daily life.

The interior of stores of Russian brands is a separate form of art. And we are not exaggerating. A team of professionals is working to create unique boutiques so that all guests can not only try things, but also create suitable content for social networks. So, recently the opening of an updated store of the brands Daniil Antsiferov and Les Archives (whose founder we interviewed) took place. The new concept is a branded play of contrasts and a bet on unpredictable combinations of the brands’ creative team and designer Elina Smailova. The sparkling interior combines geometric shapes and complex textures. “We had to make sure that the store space emphasized and highlighted the clothing design as much as possible. There is a lot of space, air and cleanliness. And of course, our signature style; literally every detail resonates,” comments Daniil Antsiferov. And our fashion department definitely recommends you to go to the new space at: Pushkarev Lane, 16.

We have repeatedly said that the Russian fashion industry is developing rapidly. For example, on June 13, the first designer exhibition of the ZNWR brand took place in the courtyard of the Supermetal area. Meanwhile, the performance of animated forms, silhouettes and signs began with guests receiving invitations; blanked fabric pieces containing poster typography about the time and place of the show. However, at the entrance, the guests of the show were greeted by a man with a meter-long clock on which the time until the show was counted down. For the event, the brand team developed 25 design options for postcards with unique lines in the visual communication “ZNWR WRITES”. In general, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

On the open-air catwalk, models presented 33 new products in a single copy, similar to art objects, as well as products already familiar to many fans of the brand. The brand plans to hold an auction following the show. “Breaking and changing, interpreting and finding is our style. We work carefully and conceptually with colors, creating cards for each season. “And now we have entered history with complex garth makeup, which tells the model’s face the correct shape and color,” says Maxim Ganisevsky, the creator of the brand.

Wedding season is in full swing. The best places have already been booked, the menu has been agreed upon and the ringtones have been chosen. All that remains is to decide on the most important thing (read: dress). If you haven’t yet decided what to wear in front of the groom, we recommend you take a look at the wedding collection of the Monochrome brand. Moreover, the trend of “casual style weddings” without restrictive clothes and rituals has been around for a long time. Everything in the collection came together very harmoniously: the brand’s familiar silhouettes took on romantic, flowing forms. To emphasize the sensitivity of the event, the brand used transparent fabrics, natural silk, white and black linen, and couture logo embroidery with handwritten designs for the first time in this collection. The collection includes more than 20 items: from baseball caps and shorts to T-shirts, from suits to incredibly delicate dresses and weightless oversized veils. All dropshipping products are currently available on the website and in the brand’s stores.

During the summer months, the wedding atmosphere can be felt almost everywhere. For example, this June the Sartoria Lamberti restaurant turned into an EDEM garden; Nine couture outfits from three EDEM Couture collections are exhibited in the showcases of the gastronomy workshop. So all guests can see Alesya Kafelnikova’s dress, Olympic figure skating champion Elena Ilyinykh’s printed jacquard wedding dress and Regina Todorenko’s silk organza dress, hand-embroidered with Swarovski crystals and Japanese beads.

The collaboration continues and is supported by the sparkling “Garden of Eden” cocktail, which includes notes of peach and milk, as well as puff pastry notes with “iron”. By the way, within the scope of this collaboration, an Edem set has emerged that everyone who wants to make an offer must order. It includes two cocktails, the “Garden of Eden” and the “Engagement Iron”, where restaurant staff will help you secure the same ring. And we think it’s very romantic.

Are you not yet ready for the holiday you have been waiting for a long time? Then you should definitely take a closer look at the summer collection of the DV brand. It is based on four main sources of inspiration that the brand always follows when developing its capsules: period, personality, art movement and trend. The historical period chosen was the Victorian era, with floral patterns popular at the time. The symbol of DV is freesia – the flower of aristocrats. In the new collection, it is presented as a signature print on models such as mini dresses, suits and shirts. The brand team created a future-oriented world picture inspired by the cultural past. So the personality in this collection is virtual model Shudu Graham. The asymmetrical cut dress, bodice and cape characterize late Victorian fashion, where the main focus was the desire for natural lines and the influence of the Art Nouveau style. These are our clear favorites of the collection.

We believe you can never have too much precious jewelry. Firstly, this is a good investment for the future, and secondly, gold items will serve faithfully for many years. We have good news for everyone who agrees with the views above. This summer, jewelry store Poison Drop will introduce a new jewelry department. The multi-brand announced a new global trend in the gold jewelry segment: the shift from classic popular products to unique designer products that emphasize individual preferences and character. The Poison Drop jewelry line was given the slogan “Gold is not like everyone else.” The face of the campaign was Olga Karput, visionary and founder of the KM20 concept store.

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