#MeToo of the armies: a non-commissioned officer convicted of sexual harassment

#MeToo of the armies: a non-commissioned officer convicted of sexual harassment
#MeToo of the armies: a non-commissioned officer convicted of sexual harassment

The acts of sexual harassment for which Julien M., 41, was convicted on Thursday 20 June took place in the military cabinet of former minister Florence Parly. The complainant, who was his partner and subordinate, was 21 years old at the time of the events.

Finally the word is free at the Grande Muette. A non-commissioned officer who worked in the military cabinet of former Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly was sentenced to two years in prison on Thursday 20 June. He was prosecuted for sexually assaulting his partner and subordinate, who was then 21 years old. The Paris court also sentenced Julien M., 41 years old, married father of four children, to three ineligibility sentences. This results in his de facto exclusion from the army for this period and the loss of his rank. The accused will also have to follow an awareness course on gender violence and his conviction will be entered in the criminal record.

“I have to fuck you” among the daily proposals

During the hearing on May 16, the president of the court established the list of sexual advances that Julien M. had made to the complainant, which occurred in 2021 “in a daily and humiliating way” : “You look cute in that sweater”, “You have a nice ass”. Among other comments made, often in the presence of witnesses: “You’ll laugh less once you’ve been anal”, “I have to fuck you”, “If you don’t do your job well, I will fuck you.”.

In addition to these remarks relating to sexual harassment, Julien M. made recurring remarks to the complainant about her physique. He would also tell her that she “Wet” seeing him, pointing to a supposed puddle at his feet.

For his part, the accused admitted “heavy jokes” which he justified with a “disproportionate workload and mental load”. “I lost my balance, but this is absolutely no excuse”He added.

“It is a right decision considering the facts committed and the consequences for the civil party who will not return to the ranks”the victim’s lawyer, Me Elodie Maumont, told AFP. “Army MeToo or not, we should be able to get this type of decision in all cases of this type. »

For her part, the complainant, transferred to Brest after reporting the facts to her superiors in December 2021 and confessing to having made two suicide attempts the following year, told the press that the verdict constitutes “The culmination of three years of anger and fear, it's a huge relief”.

Over 200 reports of gender and sexual violence in 2023

This court decision follows the publication in April of an Army Inspectorate report calling for better care for victims of sexual violence within the military.

In 2023 alone, 167 reports of sexual or gender-based violence were sent to the military hierarchy. 59 reached the “Themis” cell. Created in 2014, its aim is to collect testimonies from victims and ensure the application of sanctions, according to the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

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