Bridgerton: sex scenes cut during editing? The fans intend to take them back

Bridgerton: sex scenes cut during editing?  The fans intend to take them back
Bridgerton: sex scenes cut during editing?  The fans intend to take them back

Sex scenes have been cut from Bridgerton season three, according to fans who are determined to finally stream them on Netflix.

Cataclysm among fans of Bridgerton. On social networks we saw the rumor circulating according to which the sex scenes between Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) were cut during editing. Neither one nor two, the spectators demanded that these be returned to them intimate sequencesgoing so far as to launch a petition.

A season lacking sex scenes?

Although season 3 of Bridgerton was well received by Netflix subscribers, which some fans are complaining about lack of sex scenes between the main couple of the season. For some there is no doubt: the crucial sequences would have been removed from the final cut. “It’s disappointing not to see more intimate moments between Colin and Penelope, especially since they are the focus of this season »one Internet user on X in particular complains.

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More precisely, according to these rumors, four scenes would have been cut, in particular a sex scene after an argumenta discussion about Colin’s future as a writer in bedfrom the sweet words in front of the mirror is one editing of sex scenes at the end of episode 8.

To make matters worse, director Tom Verica liked a comment on Twitter calling for the deleted scenes to be released. Fans then went so far as to start a petition asking Netflix to release the deleted scenes. The petition is currently close 66,000 signatures. “We want Netflix to do Polin justice. Deleted scenes must be aired in an additional episode or by restoring the original episodes.asks for the text of the petition.

Neither Netflix nor producer Shonda Rhimes have confirmed these allegations.

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