This traumatic series is now one of the most watched of all time on Netflix

This traumatic series is now one of the most watched of all time on Netflix
This traumatic series is now one of the most watched of all time on Netflix

Just two months after going online, My Little Reindeer made Netflix history. With a total of 84.5 million views worldwide, the series entered the prestigious top 10 of the most watched series in the history of the platform.

My little reindeer has attracted much attention for its chilling story, its thematic and political depth, and its gritty realism. Less than two months after its airing, the series officially established itself as one of the biggest hits in Netflix history. A tour de force for a program that was initially released quietly on the platform.

84,500,000. This is the total number of views accumulated My little reindeer since it went online on April 11th. With this score the series enters among the ten most watched English-language series of all time on Netflix, surpassing, for example, a giant like The witcher, whose first season reached 83 million views in 91 days.

My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix

For those who missed the phenomenon, the series is inspired by the true experience of its creator, Richard Gadd, who recounts the harassment he suffered. This personal drama, staged with a palpable emotional intensityaddresses topics such as denial, sexist and sexual violence, transphobia and even misogyny.

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A disturbing series far beyond the screen

The audience's performance of My little reindeer It's all the more impressive because, unlike other Netflix productions driven by massive advertising campaigns, Richard Gadd's series was created with discretion. Initially unnoticed, it gradually gained a large audience through word of mouth.

My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix
My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix

The series was also brought into the media spotlight due to controversy very real. Fiona Harvey, the "real Martha" of the story, publicly disputed the version of events presented in the series and filed a lawsuit against Netflix, claiming Damage of 170 million dollars. This story not only added a dimension of reality to the series, but also aroused the curiosity of new viewers.

Seriously resembles the rest of the ranking of the most watched English-language series of all time on Netflix, with essential titles such as Stranger things, Dahmer, The Queen's Game OR The Bridgerton Chronicles.

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