This surprising quality makes men more attractive, according to a study

This surprising quality makes men more attractive, according to a study
This surprising quality makes men more attractive, according to a study

Researchers have found that women find men much more attractive when they are with a child.

When clichés become… reality. A recent study published in Evolutionary psychological sciences revealed that women perceive men as more attractive when interacting with children. The study involved 433 Dutch women aged 18 or older who said they were attracted to men.

The researchers recruited participants via social networks. The women participated in two experiments to measure male attractiveness. They were shown photos of men alone or interacting with children. Next, they were asked to read a document describing the men’s activities, which included grooming and non-grooming behaviors. They then had to rate the men’s attractiveness on a scale from 0 (not at all attractive) to 100 (very attractive).

A more pronounced effect among women with strong parental motivation

The researchers found that men depicted interacting with children were being judged definitely more attractive than those represented alone. This effect was particularly pronounced in women with strong parental motivation or those who had or wanted to have children. “ We also found an effect of hormonal cycle, in that women who ovulate rate men as more attractive, but our cycle measurement was unreliable and this result should therefore be interpreted with caution.observed Professor Peter Bos, author of the study.

For researchers, this enthusiasm for men having children could be explained by what is called “parental investment theory”. This suggests that women tend to prefer partners who seem trustworthy and friendly. “good caregivers”.

As with any study, however, the findings should be taken with a grain of salt. Women judged these men based on photos, without the possibility of real contact", Bos said. He adds: “Don't be fooled by men who post photos with children, check the veracity of the photos first! And if you are looking for a serious partner and have a plan for a child, make sure that he is really motivated to invest in the role of father to him. » I am not joking.

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