Exit Animation: The Totally Spies return in live-action in a series on Prime

Exit Animation: The Totally Spies return in live-action in a series on Prime
Exit Animation: The Totally Spies return in live-action in a series on Prime

Brighten up your compoudriers again! Totally Spies are back and this time they come in the flesh.

At school were you Sam, Alex or rather Clover? Then maybe it’s time to send your resume to Amazon MGM Studio. The most iconic French series of the 2000s is about to be adapted live-action series.

Since last May, fans of Totally Spies! they were able to find their favorite spies in a seventh season broadcast on Gulli. This new wave of episodes, marked by the absence of Jerry, now the father of a mixed-race daughter, was an opportunity for the heroines to prove that they could do it without their historical mentor. But this was only the prelude to an even more exciting announcement: the preparation of a live-action series.

On air First Video, this live-action adaptation promises to recapture the intrigue that was the charm of the animated series. We will thus immerse ourselves in the incredible daily life of Sam, Clover and Alex, divided between their livesinternational spies and of girls who have to deal with the difficulties of university study, with the ambitions and emotions of young women. The series, intended for an audience young adultwill be produced by prestigious names, including the famous American comedian and actor Will Ferrell.

girl power

In an article dated June 17, the American media Variety relationships feminist aspirations maintained by Jessica Elbaum, one of the series’ producers, who states regarding her production company Gloria Sanchez:

“Gloria Sanchez was founded to tell stories of complex characters, empowering female voices and storytellers. As longtime fans of the cartoon, we couldn’t think of a story more suited to our philosophy.

The themes of female empowerment, never sacrificing friendship, having fun and succeeding by owning your personality resonated with us at the time and seem ripe for a return for a new generation. »

For now, no details on casting or release date have been revealed. Stay tuned.

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