Do you often go to bed after 1 am? This information is for you

Do you often go to bed after 1 am?  This information is for you
Do you often go to bed after 1 am?  This information is for you

A new study suggests that people who stay up late are more likely to suffer from mental health disorders. Explanations.

We should Go to bed early to preserve ours physical and mental health ? In any case, this is what this recent study published in the journal Psychiatry Research suggests. People who regularly go to bed late, i.e. after 1 am, are more likely to suffer from this disorder mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety.

To reach this conclusion, researchers analyzed sleep and health data from 73,888 British citizens. They compared theirs chronotype OR manifestation of the circadian rhythm which defines a person’s preference for activities rather early in the morning or rather late, in short, night owls and night owls. Of the participants, 19,065 were morning risers, 6,844 were evening risers, and 47,979 were middle-aged.

Some brain functions are more vulnerable to sleep loss than others.

Night owls were 20-40% more likely to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder compared to those who went to bed early or in the middle, the researchers found. The hypothesis to explain these results would be that going to bed late would cause a mismatch between our body’s internal clock and that of the outside world. This inadequacy makes it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep and compromises its quality, but also leads to chronic lack of sleep. This can trigger mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.

But this study includes certain limits. “ The subjects are mostly white and middle-aged or older.", Dr. Indira Gurubhagavatula told Huff Post. Furthermore, chronotype was determined solely by a questionnaire sent to participants.

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