Three online markets to find beautiful used crockery

Three online markets to find beautiful used crockery
Three online markets to find beautiful used crockery

Are you passionate about tableware? Or do you simply want to expand your chest of drawers? Look no further. Here are three online flea market sites that might make you happy.

It happened one morning, just like that, without warning. The idea had come to me at night and wouldn’t go away. I absolutely needed some vintage dishes from Amalfi, to add a little sunshine to my daily life. A frantic search began to find this famous service that would fill my dresser (and my heart?) with happiness. I have visited dozens of flea markets, in vain. Then I realized that my salvation was elsewhere: online. Maybe it was perfectly on one of those sites “cure her”, as they say in Franglish, that I would have the joy of discovering six hand-painted pieces, ready to welcome my summer salads. Here are three sites whose collections I loved.

The most summery: the heart selection

First discovery, and not last, the online market Heart selection whose selection of tableware is bathed in sunshine. Whether you prefer a dinner in the Basque Country or a fruity picnic, you will surely find happiness among the spicy atmospheres of the place.

Selectioncoeur.com, starting from 4 euros per plate.

The most refined: Maison Chinée

Here is an online market that smells of rustic bread, lunches on the grass and afternoons at the Perche. Chinese Maisonit is a bucolic selection, which puts the stoneware crockery and tureens of our ancestors in the foreground.

maisonchinee.com, from 6 euros per flower dish.

The most bohemian: the Moka flea market

Attention fans of 1950s, 1960s or 1970s tableware. Moka Brocante offers pieces in terracotta, porcelain, duralex and other materials typical of these periods. We fell in love with the smoked glass crockery, which gives a 70s touch to shabby-chic interiors. Note that the site is full of nuggets to furnish the entire interior.

moka-brocante.com, calculate around twenty euros for a set of 5 plates.

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