Who is Joalin, future Scandipop icon?

Who is Joalin, future Scandipop icon?
Who is Joalin, future Scandipop icon?

If you don’t already know her, Joalin, a promising 23-year-old artist, may soon be breaking into your headphones. Her latest single, La Chica-cà, was released on February 28 and can be consumed without moderation. Interview.

She is the rising star of Scandipop. At just 23 years old, dancer and singer-songwriter Joalin has more than one string to her bow. After making her debut as a dancer in the international group Now United while still a teenager, the young woman, followed by 3 million subscribers on Instagram, stands out today for her style steeped in R & B and reggaeton sounds. Finnish by origin, the artist grew up in Mexico and claims a hybrid identity at the center of her music. Encounter.

What role has your relationship with dance had in your artistic development and how does it influence your musical practice?

This is a very interesting question because I’m still answering it myself. One of the things I get a lot of compliments about when working with musicians is my timing. I have a very good sense of rhythm, which comes from my experience as a dancer and the fact that I had to be able to perform movements in perfect harmony with the tempo of the music.

You are regularly linked to “scandipop”. And how would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as the “Joalin” style. I didn’t really know Scandipop before I started making music, because I grew up in a Latin country… If these sounds are present in my songs it’s because I work with Finnish producers. For my part, I bring them the Latin sound!

You started very young in a band, Now United. How did you make your transition to a solo career and what did you learn from these early years of your career?

I have said on several occasions that I am evaluating Now United like my university, because I learned many things there. I achieved my biggest dream at 16… Now I know that I can truly do anything. It was interesting to go from being a dancer constantly surrounded by a large group of people to being a singer who has the final say on all decisions. I feel like I’m on the right path, that this is what I should do…

You say the sea inspires you. Can you tell us about your creative process?

I have always felt calm near the sea, I have to live near water. I feel all my problems disappear when I look at the sea, it gives me clarity. I once went on a music retreat in a cabin in Finland near a lake, it was so nice to be able to swim between sessions, it was like I had a new brain after every swim!

You are very popular on the networks. What role do they have in your life, in your artistic journey? Do you feel invested with some sort of responsibility towards your subscribers?

Yes, I have many young people who follow me, so I feel obliged to be an example. I don’t think I have to be perfect, but REAL. I want people to see that anything is possible. My social media followers have opened so many doors in my life that I don’t think I would be making music today if it weren’t for them. I will be forever grateful to them.

What can we wish you for the future?

I would like my music to cross all borders, to gradually expand my community. I also just did a performance that I really enjoyed, so I hope to perform again and again! And then I hope there is more sun this summer…

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