Mia Boyka showed off a ring hinting at marriage

Mia Boyka showed off a ring hinting at marriage
Mia Boyka showed off a ring hinting at marriage

On June 14, the CSKA Arena sports complex will host the MUZ-TV 2024 popular music award. Mia Boyka also appeared on the red carpet of the event.

Mia Boyka. Photo: social networks

The singer surprised everyone with the diamond ring she wore on the ring finger of her right hand. The artist was embarrassed when she answered a journalist’s question about who proposed to her. “A man of good taste! I can’t say who it is. “I’m leaving you,” Mia said.

Not only the decoration, but also the artist’s visuals attracted the attention of the public. In the evening she changed two dresses. Interestingly, the clothes were created on a special order. As Boyka admits, no one else has these.

Mia first appeared to the press in a daring look: a tight black dress with sheer parts on the hips and an exposed belly. The singer left her hair open and wore light make-up. Boyka then changed into a lighter silver dress, the top of which barely covered her breasts. The actress tied her hair into a bun to add elegance.

Also seen at the ceremony were Mitya Fomin with his wife and children, former Tatu soloist Lena Katina, ST in a horse carriage with his wife Assol and daughter Olga Buzova, and other stars.

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