“Is it terrible?”: Mitya Fomin spoke about cruelty on the red carpet

“Is it terrible?”: Mitya Fomin spoke about cruelty on the red carpet
“Is it terrible?”: Mitya Fomin spoke about cruelty on the red carpet

Today the 19th national television award MUZ-TV 2024 takes place in Moscow. Mitya Fomin was one of the first names to hit the red carpet at CSKA Arena. The 50-year-old former soloist of the Hi-Fi group magnificently captivated the audience and spoke to journalists.

Mitya Fomin. Photo: social networks

The singer chose a snow-white summer dress for the event. The low-cut sleeveless top revealed the TV presenter’s athletic figure. Light trousers matched it perfectly. She completed her elegant look with a black flower.

Media representatives asked the artist about his obsessed fans: “Is it scary?” “How can I tell you? If a person writes to you on social networks or in your personal messenger that today he saw you leaving the entrance of your house in certain clothes, you understand that this is serious, that this person is following you. What is on his mind?.. What to calm himself down? Fomin said: “Just “I’m living my life,” he said.

According to Mitya, he is dismissive of criticism on the Internet: “Brazen expressions, insults, hatred, because you have to bark, shout, fart, you can no longer perceive all this.” Also, according to the star, she does not care about the criticism of the stylist and TV presenter Alexander Rogov.

The musician also recalled his communication with Zhanna Friske. By the way, they were once credited with a novel. “Jeanne was a very wise, careful, understanding, but also very strong and very kind person. This is a person who is a unique girl with a capital letter P. It is a pity that there are so few opportunities to communicate with and enjoy him. One of the brightest stars of our stage. We spent a lot of time carefree, talked a lot,” shared Mitya Fomin.

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