In this European country, women do 3 hours more of housework per day than men

In this European country, women do 3 hours more of housework per day than men
In this European country, women do 3 hours more of housework per day than men

A study conducted in 15 European countries, published by Le Monde, analyzes the gender inequalities that remain in the sharing of domestic tasks.

Wednesday 12 June, the newspaper The world broadcast a survey conducted by the Center for Demographic Studies of Barcelona, ​​​​which highlights gender disparities in the distribution of domestic tasks in Europe. The survey, conducted on 74,000 couples in fifteen European states, highlights significant differences from one country to another.

It is in Greece that the gap is most marked

In Greece, the average time spent by women on household chores is equal to 282 minutes, or just over 4 hours a day taking care of the house, shopping, cooking and children. In contrast, men spend only 59 minutes a day on it, which creates a record gap of three hours and designates Greece as the European country where men have the least hand.

THE World cites, for comparison, France, where women spend an average of 206 minutes of their day to household chores, versus 111 minutes for men.

According to Marilella Antonopoulou, editor-in-chief of Elegant quoted by The world, this gap in task sharing could be explained by this fact “that in Greece, as in Italy, we have among the lowest percentages of working women in Europe. One in seven women only have a part-time job. They automatically take better care of the house and children.". Added to this is a record unemployment rate among women, as well as wage inequalities that push some women to leave their jobs to raise children while their spouses provide the family income. “Another critical point is that places in public nursery schools are limited and it is often not possible to send the child there before 6 months of age. Furthermore, public places close before 4pm, which is incompatible with office hours" Note The world.

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