“I loved him all these years”: Artem Chekalin announced his official divorce from Lerchek

Lerchek and Artem Chekalin are officially done! The blogger contacted subscribers and publicly addressed his ex-wife.

Lerchek and Artem Cekalin. Photo: social networks

“Of all the things that happened in my life (criminal cases, job loss, money problems), the worst thing was the loss of my family. This was the hardest test. “You can go and make all the money, but as they say *****, money can’t buy love,” he said.

Cekalin also thanked his ex-wife for the years they spent together: “I loved her very much all these years. I thank him very much for what he has done for me, around me, and for making me a happy person. I wish him only happiness, may luck always be with him.

Let’s remember that they became husband and wife in 2012. The former couple has three children: twins Bogdan and Alisa and a son named Lev. In early March, rumors about the couple’s possible divorce were circulating on the Internet. All because Artem Chekalin went to the Maldives alone. However, the man contacted subscribers and denied this information. However, information about their divorce was leaked to the media in mid-March.

Source: People Talk

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