“I did not deprive myself of pleasure”: Yulia Menshova revealed the truth about numerous novels

The 54-year-old TV presenter and actress became the hero of Ida Galich’s YouTube show “You Have Questions.” Among other things, Yulia Menshova talked about the numerous novels of her youth, the main rule of family life and raising children.

Yulia Menshova. Photo: YouTube show “You Have Questions”

“I did not deny myself the pleasure of starting relationships and meeting different young people, because I am free, beautiful, handsome, which, by the way, I did not understand for a long time,” the journalist said. According to the screen star, her self-esteem has increased with age, including her popularity with the opposite sex.

“It was really cool. And there were no Telegram channels then, so you won’t accuse me of anything,” added Yulia Menshova.

The artist agrees with his Hollywood colleague Meryl Streep, who is sure that in family life it is important to “shut up in time.” According to him, sometimes you need to leave a person alone, take a break, be silent, so as not to go further in sorting out the relationship. After all, as the host points out, people often say things they later deeply regret.

Ida Galich and Yulia Menshova. Photo: YouTube show “You Have Questions”

Yulia Menshova believes that when children grow up, they should be left. “They should live their own lives, and for that, they should always be stuck with them and ask, “Where are you?” They don’t need to ask. – noted the TV personality. “My 21-year-old daughter recently told me that I’m always busy, always talking on my phone,” she said. He approaches me, but I never fully engage. And I understand that this is true,” added Yulia Menshova.

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