Will there be a second wedding? Ariana Grande’s relationship with her boyfriend is getting serious

The internet was already thinking that Ariana Grande had broken up with her boyfriend Ethan Slater. However, the singer put all the rumors to rest by appearing with the player at the Stanley Cup final game yesterday. Insiders report that they are doing well and are slowly but surely moving down the aisle (but this is not certain).

Ariana Grande. Photo: Getty Images

“Ariana is really happy with Ethan. “He feels very comfortable and in love,” a source told ET. An anonymous source noted that the couple was “having a great time.”

“They look to the future and see everything that awaits them, both together and separately. “The situation is getting more serious,” he added.

Ethan Slater. Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande’s ex-husband Dalton Gomez also started a new love affair. The real estate agent found peace and happiness in actress Maika Monroe, known for her roles in the films “It,” “In the Arms of Lies” and “The Last Moment.”

Source: People Talk

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