56-year-old Celine Dion told how she learned about her children’s serious illness

Celine Dion was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune neurological disease. She said that the singer remained silent for a long time. As the artist stated, she was most worried about how children would perceive the news. The truth is that they lost their father early, who died of cancer.

Celine Dion. Photo: Legion-media

“At one point I could barely walk and I really missed life. My kids are starting to notice this. I thought: “They’ve already lost a parent. I don’t want them to be afraid.” I told them: “You lost your father, but your mother has a different disease. I’m not going to die. This is something I’ll learn to live with,” Celine told People.

Celine Dion with the children. Photo: social networks

Let us also remind that the star informed his fans about his health problems in 2022. With tears in his eyes, he stated that he was suffering from a serious illness.

And just the other day, Celine revealed the symptoms that torment her every day. The artist had to leave the stage due to his poor health.

Source: People Talk

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