10 minute gameplay preview for Ubisoft’s STAR WARS OUTLAWS video game

Ubisoft has released a 10-minute preview for its upcoming video game Star Wars Outlawswhich gives us a good view of the vast explorable world that players will immerse themselves in.

The footage includes some exciting action and a short tour around the iconic center of evil, Mos Eisley. It looks like it’s going to be fun Star Wars game to play!

The story is set between the events of The empire strikes again AND Return of the Jedi. It’s being touted as the first ever open world Star Wars game and players will be able to explore distinct planets throughout the galaxy, both iconic and new.

The game centers on Vess, voiced by Humberly Gonzalez. She is “an emerging rogue looking for freedom and the means to start a new life, along with her partner Nix. Fight, steal, and defeat the galaxy’s crime syndicates as you join the galaxy’s most wanted.

Creative director Julian Gerighty spoke about the game’s premise saying, “In search of true freedom, the enterprising Kay and Nix will travel through the underworld and across the Outer Rim, taking on assignments from syndicates, facing intimidating enemies, avoiding oppressive Imperial rule, and recruiting a skilled outlaw to pull off one of the greatest heists the galaxy has ever seen.”

Vice President of Lucasfilm Games Douglas Reilly added: “Star Wars Outlaws invites fans to experience a side of the galaxy that hides a treasure yet to be explored: the exploits of the scoundrels who profit from the golden age of the underworld. We were inspired by Massive Entertainment’s dedication to bringing this aspect of Star Wars to life, including both iconic and new things for fans to explore in an open world.

The game will arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Ubisoft Connect on August 30th. If you purchase the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition of Outlawyou will be granted early access three days before August 27th.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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