I’m a second-hand seller: my 4 tips for shopping at affordable prices in second-hand shops

Alex, co-founder of the Tucked and Untucked thrift stores in Paris, gives Madmoizelle his top expert tips for bargain shopping at thrift stores. What are the best addresses and where can you find the best offers in a store?

How to hunt well in thrift stores? What should you try or avoid? Which little-known brands are worth paying attention to and which are worth being wary of? How do you dress to browse comfortably and try on looks without too much interference? Where to find the best offers? We asked Alex, co-founder of thrift stores Tucked and Untucked, a lot of questions, and here are 4 tips to remember.

Take the time to list the addresses that tempt us and our needs

If you spend time on social media, you may have logged several addresses of thrift stores that tempt you, without ever having had the time to go there. As a first tip, the thrift store recommends We list the shops that catch our attention:

“This is the time to mentally think about the price, the day of arrival and how to optimize a route to chain together 3-4 thrift store addresses that interest you. To hunt well, it is best to be organized to know where you are going and when the best time is. It is not necessarily useful to go there on the day of arrival, because that is where there will be the most people, which can be stressful and less comfortable. In thrift stores where sorting is done manually, shelves are often restocked during the week to prevent them from appearing empty. So there is no need to go there just when the big drop falls. »

Choose a practical outfit to try on as much as possible

Even if that means going to a brick-and-mortar store rather than buying second-hand goods online, you could also take the time and care to try them on in the booth, the second-hand dealer advises:

“Try until you drop (laughs)!” And if you can, come during the week rather than on the weekend. Even for things you don’t have a budget for, it’s still interesting to try to better understand the shapes, colors and cuts that suit you and you like. The more different pieces you try, the more you will be able to identify on your hanger what probably suits you and you like. This will sharpen your vision and clarify your tastes. »

Alex from Tucked and Untucked advises against going shopping in clothes you already feel beautiful in, because it will make everything you already feel more likely to like, which can be deceiving. The thrift store recommends shopping in a very relaxed outfit.even just a simple pairing of jeans and t-shirt:

“Like a blank canvas or a blank page, a very cold gaze will allow you to better see if what you are feeling really appeals to you in itself. »

Get to know the forgotten brands and those who have abused their licenses

Finally, if you want to focus on brands well known to the general public as a safe bet, it is always interesting to open your chakras towards forgotten or little-known labels, adds the second-hand shop Alex:

“Of course Levi's 501 jeans age well (and the technique of trying to go around the neck with the size of the jeans works well), but it's worth it. I am thinking in particular of Chefdeville, which is somewhat forgotten today. There are also brands that are relatively well-known to the general public, but have used too many licenses and pieces specifically for poor quality outlets, such as Pierre Cardin or Christian Lacroix. You need to know how to recognize luxury clothes from those destined for customs clearance.

Another example: before directing Dior from 1996 to 1996, Gianfranco Ferré launched his Baila de Mattioli brand in 1978. The cuts and compositions are impeccable and are worthy of the big names in luxury even if it is little known today. If you find Baila at a thrift store, there's a good chance it's a great piece. »

Find out what you would combine a second-hand item with before buying it

When faced with the low-priced deals you can find at thrift stores, it can be difficult to stay calm. But instead of buying lots of coins in a €1 container and telling yourself that it won't have a big impact on your budget, Better to take the time to think twice. Alex also suggests mentally composing all the looks you could create with your discovery:

“We at Tucked and Untucked will never encourage consumption under the guise that it would be a good deal. We, on the contrary, prefer to be sincere and invite you to reflect, to ask yourself if you really like this or that piece, to try it and think about what you would pair it with. Because this prevents you from buying impulsively and then keeping it dormant with you. Even something inexpensive that you would never wear would be a waste and a source of regret. »

  • Off-the-pants thrift store : 10, rue Tourneux, 75012 Paris.
  • Hidden thrift shop : 80 rue Claude Decaen, 75012 Paris.

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