5 office dress codes to break because they’re out of date

Agree, going to work in the summer is generally not very pleasant, and it is even more pleasant to wear a classic pencil skirt and a fitted blouse. So what should those who are not allowed to violate business dress codes and wear fashionable casual clothes do from 9:00 to 18:00? Our answer is to try the classics and add subtle accents.

For example, you can choose a comfortable trouser suit and complement it with a white T-shirt and trendy slingbacks. Or you can choose a black silhouette dress and add a trendy thin belt to it. In general, there are many options for stylish office looks. Not long ago, we even wrote an article sharing life hacks on how to make your business image less boring.

And today The Fashion Vibes’s fashion department offers to understand the dress codes that can be broken because they are hopelessly outdated. We’ve collected the top 5.

Rule No. 1. Do not wear open shoes.

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Business dress code states: revealing shoes are prohibited in the office. So you’ll need to eliminate mules, sandals, and clogs from your summer wardrobe immediately. It’s a good thing that this rule has become obsolete. Of course, you shouldn’t come to work in sports sandals or flip-flops, but leather slippers will be a perfect match for a classic trouser suit.

Rule 2: Don’t wear accent jewelry.

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Previously, it was not customary to wear very expensive and accent jewelry to the office. But this rule has also become obsolete, so now you can safely break this rule and complement your business look with drop earrings, cuff bracelets and, of course, seals. True, there are still limits to what is allowed. For example, sparkly chokers and multi-layered necklaces are best left for the evening.

Rule No. 3. Only wear midi skirts

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Pencil skirt is considered a must-have for a large office. And 10 years ago, this model was considered practically the only model acceptable in the workplace. Fortunately, this rule no longer applies. You can safely wear the suit maxi skirt to the office by completing it with a thin belt, or you can choose the available mid-thigh mini.

Rule No. 4. No exposed shoulders.

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Bare shoulders are another taboo for anyone working in the office. More precisely, it was thought so in the 2000s. Now you can create looks with trendy long-sleeved and off-shoulder bodysuits. But deep necklines or cutouts at the back are best left for get-togethers and meetings with friends. There are a lot of such wardrobe items for an office.

Rule 5. Always wear tights

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If you want to wear a skirt to the office, according to business dress code, you should add tights to your look (yes, even in summer). Now you can miss this moment and wear a trendy miniskirt with black nylon knee socks.

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