“There are whims, tears, quarrels”: Natalya Podolskaya revealed the details of her vacation with her family

Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov and their children went on vacation. The singer admitted on her personal blog that she was looking forward to this day. The family chose sunny Turkey for the holiday.

Natalya Podolskaya. Photo: social networks

The artist published a joint photo with his wife and sons. Natalya said the time she spent with her family was priceless, but she also admitted that all was not well.

Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov with children Photo: social networks

“There are whims, tears, fights. But in general, these are the days when we can be together with our children and live in their interests (even though this is not always easy). We, like all parents on vacation, want to be lazy and do nothing, and then we embrace each other. “To be honest, my husband is older than me,” the celebrity shared.

Podolskaya noted that the most difficult thing for her was communicating with her eldest son Artemy. According to the artist, the boy does not want to do anything according to orders. For example, one child refused to go water skiing. Natalya came to the conclusion that now she will choose her free time according to her son’s wishes.

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