‘He can’t look bad’: Costume designer talks about main problem with Ryan Reynolds’ wardrobe

Ryan Reynolds. Photo: Getty Images

47-year-old Ryan Reynolds boasts almost perfect body measurements. The slender actor, who is two meters tall, looks great both in the classic suit on the red carpet and in Deadpool’s superhero tights.

Photo: A frame from the movie “Deadpool”

However, it was not always possible for an actor of this height to choose clothes. On the set of The Proposal, in which Ryan starred opposite Sandra Bullock 15 years ago, costume designers were scrambling to find the right pants.

A frame from the movie “The Offer”

In the story, Reynolds’ character was taking his boss Margaret home to introduce her to his family. She had to look stylish and comfortable at the same time. Meanwhile, costume designer Catherine Marie Thomas told PEOPLE she was chopping wood and doing other men’s work.

“At that time, there weren’t many jeans made for long-legged men. I think it’s easier for men of this height to find trousers these days. In fact, he is so handsome that he cannot look bad. So we tried to make him feel comfortable,” said the costume designer.

Let us also remind you that a new official trailer for the Deadpool and Wolverine movie was released recently. The creators of the film attracted the attention of fans with a new female character, showing only the actress’s legs in the frame.

Source: People Talk

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