‘Garden phenomenon’: fans want David Beckham to get his own TV show

David Beckham. Photo: social networks.

49-year-old football player David Beckham completely melted the hearts of his fans with a new video. Now they want the athlete to have his own show.

David became interested in rural life. She recently appeared in her subscribers’ feed with news from her own chicken coop, and now she showed how she replanted lush rose bushes.

Beckham performed all manipulations with skill and enthusiasm. His happy smile and youthful enthusiasm caused particular joy among his followers. “David Beckham’s gardening is my new favorite content on social media. Thank you for sharing, staying positive, and making the world a better place.” “David Beckham is the gardening phenom we never knew we needed,” “He looks like the human version of the Golden Retriever,” he excites his followers.

Pamela Anderson may also accompany Beckham. The actor lives in solitude and enthusiastically takes care of garden beds. Country life and Millie Bobby Brown. She and her husband Jack Bon Jovi created a mini-farm on their farm, which is constantly populated with new residents.

Source: People Talk

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