“Have you changed a lot?”: Hannah shared an archive photo with Pasha in memory of their wedding anniversary

Hannah and Pasha are one of the strongest couples in Russian show business. Today it has been exactly nine years since the stars legalized their relationship. In honor of this, the singer published an archival photo with her husband.

Pasha and Hannah have children. Photo: social networks

The artist published a collage on Stories. In the first photo, the couple poses in front of the sea on their wedding day, and in the second photo they are already in the ocean with their two daughters. “The difference is nine years. Have you changed much? — Hannah signed the photo. We will answer that they are happier.

Hannah and Pasha with children. Photo: social networks

Let’s remember that Pasha and Hannah met in Turkey in 2010 at the Miss Kemer International beauty contest, where future celebrities won first place. And already in 2015 the couple legalized their relationship. At the beginning of September 2018, the couple had a daughter, Adriana, in Miami, and they gave birth to their second daughter, Camilla, in February last year.

Source: People Talk

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