How to recognize vintage clothing? The 6 key points to consider

Vintage has never been more popular. We cater to clothing, jewelry, retro pieces, sometimes very accessible in terms of price. But how can you be sure you are truly finding a vintage piece?

Vintage has never been so trendy, as confirmed in its latest report by Vinted, the largest European online platform dedicated to the resale of used clothing between private individuals. Second Björn Holzhauer, one of the company’s experts, “he currently exists a strong demand for vintage pieces from the 80s and 90s on the used market. Current fashion is inspired by past decades and collections. As part of the “archive” trend, designer brands continue to return to collections and designs from their old catalogues “.

At Madmoizelle we regularly bring you selections of vintage pieces such as recently, these 3 underrated jewelry brands that are worth a look or these 3 brands of vintage sandals at very low prices. But what makes a garment considered vintage? In a recent video, the tiktoker @bubblebead gives some advice on how not to make mistakes.

Vintage clothing: tips to avoid mistakes

You should know that an item of clothing is considered vintage when he is over 20 years old.
The first instinct is to look at the label because at that moment, the typography was specific.


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Second tip: the country of origin. If it's made in France, made in Italy, made in Germany, “you can be sure it's vintage”assures the specialist.
We can also find labels that demonstrate that the product comes from a laboratory. When you don't have the brand label, nor the workshop label, but you have the person's name, or a label with their name and surname, very often it is a vintage item.
There composition It's also a key point, TikToker indicates. When you have 100% wool, or 100% silk, you can be sure that it is vintage, because unfortunately it is no longer produced.
Finally, in the absence of a label, look at the finishes : beautiful buttons, impeccable finishes, this can also tell you that you are dealing with a vintage piece.

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