I noticed a glaring error in the first “Puzzle” after the premiere of the second part (video)

I noticed a glaring error in the first one
Photo source: Still from the cartoon “Puzzle”
I noticed a glaring error in the first one
Photo source: Still from the cartoon “Puzzle”

The makers clearly did not expect there to be a sequel.

The cartoon “Inside Out,” although released nine years ago, still remains one of the best Pixar projects of all time. The moving, bright, mature story seemed flawless… until the studio unveiled a new trailer for the sequel.

I watched it once – I laughed at the new emotions, fueled the desire to go to the cinema, but something seemed strange. I watched the video a few more times, but I still didn’t understand the trick. And then over the weekend we decided to watch the first part, and already halfway through everything became clear.

Remember the moments where we get to see Kylie’s parents’ emotions? Joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear – these fantastic five occur in absolutely all people (and, as the credits showed, even in animals), regardless of age. Now carefully watch the trailer for the sequel.

We are introduced to new characters who have taken up residence in the main character’s head… because, they say, she has grown up and needs more complex emotions. Are you smart? Where were those same Fear, Envy, Blues and Shame in the first part, if they are intended for older people? There can only be two explanations, and both are sad.

Perhaps the creators of the original cartoon initially didn’t even expect to make a sequel, which is why when it came time to make a sequel, they had to go against common sense and rewrite the canon. Well, or this is some kind of spoiler.

It is possible that the new four are not heroes at all, but villains who ultimately will simply not live to see the end of the second part, and therefore were not even mentioned once in the first part.

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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