Irina Shayk shows how to wear a sheer dress without looking too revealing in the city

We have already said that transparent clothes are at the top of fashion trends this summer, so fashion influencers around the world introduce similar products into their wardrobes, and brands add them to their assortment. However, it must be said that it is not that easy to stylize such things, especially in megacities. There are a few life hacks we mentioned before to wear transparent clothes in the city without looking too revealing. And today, using the example of Irina Shayk, we will show that a nude image in everyday life can look really appropriate, and not vulgar.

The model caught the eye of the paparazzi on the streets of New York the other day with her transparent dress in burgundy, the most trendy color of the season. To reduce the degree of sexuality, Irina Shayk wore a shirt with accent stripes that hide the “excess” from the eyes of passers-by. But even if this style option seems obvious to you, choose longer models, for example, an oversized jacket, sweater, shirt or long sleeves.

Irina Shayk. Photo: Legion Media

Source: People Talk

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